Addited to technology

Nowadays, there has been a heated discussion over whether people are becoming addicted to technology. Views on the topic vary greatly among people from different walks of life. Some believe that technology is part of our life, but others are concerned that we are too dependent on technology. 

I agree with the former, and there are two major reasons. Firstly, it is undeniable that people can’t live without technology in the modern society. Things such as our mobile phones, computers, transportation systems are all products of technological development. Secondly, we used to eat at home or restaurants daily, but now online food ordering has become prevalent, especially among full-time workers. The new way of life has brought us much convenience, which is obviously proved during the pandemic in this year.

From my perspective, it is crucial that our society should encourage people to embrace the convenience brought by advanced technologies and use technology in a rational way. Only by doing so can we achieve greater success.