Part III Reading Comprehension


Section A

26. [I] normal

27. [E] definitely

28. [D] considerable

29. [J] possibly

30. [B] argued

31. [K] proposition

32. [N] tend

33. [C] avoid

34. [F] extreme

35. [G] inaction


Section B

36. [H] Another playtime thief: the growing proportion of kids’ time spent in front of screens and digital devices.

37. [E] The focus on academic “skills and drills” has cut deeply into recess and other time for free play.

38. [] 缺失原文和选项

39. [G] a consortium of educators, health professionals and child advocates called the loss of play in early childhood “a tragedy, both for the children themselves and for our nation and world.”

40. [D] When parents engage in play with their children, it deepens relationships and builds a bulwark against the toxic effects of all kinds of stress.

41. [I] And kids really learn better when they’re actively engaged and have to really discover things.

42. [C] letting them simply play — or better yet, playing with them — could seem like a step backward.

43. [K] Yogman also worries about the pressures that squeeze playtime for more affluent kids.

44. [F] By 2009, a study of Los Angeles kindergarten classrooms found that 5-year-olds were so burdened with academic requirements that they were down to an average of just 19 minutes per day of “choice time,” when they were permitted to play freely with blocks, toys or other children.

45. [B] This may seem old-fashioned,but there are skills to be leaned when kids aren’t told what to do.


Section C

Passage One

46. [D] Attempting to meet society’s expectation of appearance.

47. [B] They have to do with people’s body weight and shape.

48. [C] It did not work out as well as was expected.

49. [B] Adjusting the physical composition of their products.

50. [A] A Banning discrimination on the basis of employee's body image.


Passage Two

51. [D] The concept of work-life balance contributes little to a fulfilling life.

52. [A] It impacts how we think and behave.

53. [C] We do meaningful work that contributes to society.

54. [C] it is dynamic.

55. [D] Strive for a more fulfilling life.