Part III Reading Comprehension

Section A

26. [I] normal

27. [E] definitely

28. [D] considerable

29. [J] possibly

30. [B] argued

31. [K] proposition

32. [N] tend

33. [C] avoid

34. [F] extreme

35. [G] inaction

解析:第26题可能会在[I] normal和[F] extreme之间犹豫,但根据第一段最后一句”… unable or unprepared to endure the long haul.” 可以看出投资领域本就是有涨有落的拉锯战,是再正常不过的行为,没有体现出extreme即剧烈的含义,考试时容易主观代入。

34题根据前面的go to the other可以判断后面要选一个名词,而extreme也可以作名词;再根据前文的一种模式是”put their head in the sand 避而不谈”, 后面走向了另一种极端模式就是micro-analyze everything, 锱铢必较过度分析,也可以得出extreme这个答案。

35题的答案,词汇不太常见,根据词性判断此处要填一个名词,后面写到“whatever decision they make will be the wrong one.” 不管做什么决定最终都没有实际结果,就是一种无所为的状态,排除其他名词可以得出inaction.


Section B

36. [H] Another playtime thief: the growing proportion of kids’ time spent in front of screens and digital devices.

37. [E] The focus on academic “skills and drills” has cut deeply into recess and other time for free play.

38. [] 缺失原文和选项

39. [G] a consortium of educators, health professionals and child advocates called the loss of play in early childhood “a tragedy, both for the children themselves and for our nation and world.”

40. [D] When parents engage in play with their children, it deepens relationships and builds a bulwark against the toxic effects of all kinds of stress.

41. [I] And kids really learn better when they’re actively engaged and have to really discover things.

42. [C] letting them simply play — or better yet, playing with them — could seem like a step backward.

43. [K] Yogman also worries about the pressures that squeeze playtime for more affluent kids.

44. [F] By 2009, a study of Los Angeles kindergarten classrooms found that 5-year-olds were so burdened with academic requirements that they were down to an average of just 19 minutes per day of “choice time,” when they were permitted to play freely with blocks, toys or other children.

45. [B] This may seem old-fashioned,but there are skills to be leaned when kids aren’t told what to do.


36题的选项中出现了steals away, 可以根据H段的首句playtime thief以及digital devices定位得出。

39题干中剥夺小孩的玩耍时间will do harm to not only…与G段中一些专家们认为玩耍时间的缺失是一种tragedy悲剧,both for children themselves and for our nation and world. 正好吻合,做一个同义替换,把country换成了nation.

40题干中说from being harmed by stress与D段中builds a bulwark against the toxic effects of all kinds of stress匹配,bulwark即便不认识,可以通过against判断要反对的是不好的事物,toxic effects就是不好消极的结果和影响。

41题干中的关键词active discovery,主动探索能力会因为过度使用电子设备而被抑制和减损,对应I段让家长们让孩子们玩手机固然一劳永逸,但是有代价的,kids really learn better when…,玩耍的时间才能让孩子们更主动积极地去思考和探索。



Section C

Passage One

46. [D] Attempting to meet society’s expectation of appearance.

47. [B] They have to do with people’s body weight and shape.

48. [C] It did not work out as well as was expected.

49. [B] Adjusting the physical composition of their products.

50. [A] A Banning discrimination on the basis of employee' body image.


46题A选项跟第一段中的美国人想要change their weight的信息混淆了,张冠李戴;要忠实于原文;C项偷换概念了;B中提到的life style在文中也并未提及。

47题的C选项夸大了程度副词,文中是a less noticeable one而不是a much less one. A和D均为无中生有。


Passage Two

51. [D] The concept of work-life balance contributes little to a fulfilling life.

52. [A] It impacts how we think and behave.

53. [C] We do meaningful work that contributes to society.

54. [C] it is dynamic.

55. [D] Strive for a more fulfilling life.


51题的A和C选项过于绝对,B并不是The work-life balance is dead观点的论据。

54题对应第三段最后一句中的variations, evolving and changing判断出作者认为人生就是充满变数和多样性的。A和D选项比较容易排除,但是B选项在文中多次出现容易混淆视听,比如第二段最后一句,But when you think of work as part of a full life and a complete experience中出现的full life会有误导性,但此处还是在讲work作为人生的一个部分,和作者对于人生的观点无关。