1.A) Ship traffic in the Atlantic.
2.D) They may be affecting the world’s climate.
3.C) To call for a permanent security guard.
4.A) It had already taken strong action.
5.B) The road was blocked.
6.D) A track hit a barrier and overturned.
7.B) It was a hard task to removing the spilled substance.
8.A) She wanted to save for a new phone.
9.D) They are less aware of the value of their money.
10.B) More non-essential things.
11.C) It may lead to excessive spending.
12.C) He had a problem with the furniture delivered.
13.B) Describe the furniture he received.
14.A) Correct their mistake.
15. с) She apologized to the man once more.
16. B) Tidying up one's home.
17. A) Things that make one happy.
18. C) It received an incredibly large number of donated books.
19. A) Give free meals to the homeless.
20. D) Follow his example.
21. C) Sending him had-made bags.
22. A) To solve word search puzzles.
23. B) They could no longer concentrate on their task.
24. C) A reduction in the amount of sleep.
25. C) Realize the disruptive effects of technology.