Section C

Passage 2


At just twelve years old, Mike Hannon is making a difference in his community – 【Q19】one lunch at a time. “Mike’s Lunches of Love” has fed more than 2,000 of the town’s most vulnerable residents. Mike delivers meals to the homeless. “It’s like a way to give people joy, maybe spark something in them that can change them,” Mike told WBZ-TV. The mayor of Mike’s town feels that Mike is a great community leader, especially in such times of so much negative news. While his father commented on how proud he was of his son, yet Mike isn’t looking for praise, but kindness in return. 【Q20】He hopes his active charity will influence others to spread positive actions in their own towns. Mike includes a handwritten message of joy on each bag. His message and star power has spread all over the country. To date, his online page to raise funds has brought in more than 44,000 dollars and counting, raising more than 17,000 dollars in just one day, with the hope of many famous actors and others. 【Q21】People from all over the county are sending special  handcrafted bags to help the young man with his mission to help those in need. Many are hoping the simple active kindness spreads. Mike is seen as hope for the future of the town, the country and the world.


Q19: What does Mike Hannon do to help people in his town?

Q20: What does Mike hope others will do?

Q21: How are people all over the country responding to what Mike is doing?