Section B

Conversation 2 售后服务退换货

W: Hello Mr. Brown. I was expecting your call. My secretary told me you were having some problems with the wooden table, is that right?

M: No, no, the table is fine. 【Q12】The problem is the chairs.

W: Oh, the chairs, so, what exactly is the issue?

M: Well, put simply, 【Q12】these are not the chairs my wife and I selected in your store last week. There must be some confusion with our order.

W: Oh, I see. I’m looking through my files now. And I see that the delivery was this morning. Is that correct?

M: Yes.

W: 【Q13】Do you mind describing the chairs that were delivered to your apartment, Mr. Brown?

M: Sure. These have a flat back with a round top and are very heavy. They are light brown and look kind of cheap. The ones we ordered were dark brown to match the table.

W: Right. Of course. It says here you purchased the Arlington table and four Milano chairs. As you said. There must be some confusion with the order. I’m terribly sorry.【Q14】We’ll send a van to collect those four and replace them with the Milano you purchased. Will tomorrow 9 a.m. be OK Mr. Brown?

M: Yes. That would be great. Thank you.

W: Good. Did everything else you ordered from us arrive OK?

M: Yes. I think so. Let me check. The mirror and two paintings are here. The two coffee tables are also here. And the sofa. Yes. We haven’t noticed anything else wrong or missing. But if we do, we’ll certainly let you know.

W: OK. Great. Once again. 【Q15】I’m sorry for the confusion and trouble caused.

Q12: Why did the man call the woman?

Q13: What did the woman ask the man to do?

Q14: What did the woman promise to do for the man?

Q15: What did the woman do at the end of the conversation? – The woman apologized again.