Section B

Conversation 1


Man: Lisa, why did you pay for you meal with cash instead of the payment apps on your phone?

Woman: Well, I’ve gone back to cash. I’m only using payment apps if that’s the only option. 【Q8】I’m trying to save money for a new phone, and I find that using cash rather than payment apps helps me to save.

Man: But how? Money is money, isn’t it? 【Q11】I don’t think it matters whether you take it out to the bank and put it into wallet, or simply transfer from your bank account to the sellers’ bank account using an app.

Woman: No, I believe it does matter. It’s a psychological phenomenon. 【Q9】I believe we have less connection with a value of our money, when we just tap the approve buttons on our phones.

Man: You might have a point, since I stop carrying cash around, and start to using my phone apps to pay, I may have developed a tendency to buy 【Q10】more small or non-essential items.

Woman: That’s highly possible, think about the amount of time we spend with our phones in our hands, and all the things we do with our phones. It sometimes seems that our phone is buying the product for us, not ourselves.

Man: So, cash is the payment affects our ability to budget?

Woman: I believe so. If we spend a hundred Yuan in cash, we realize that we don’t have that hundred Yuan to spend on something else. But if we spend in electronically, we’re less likely to make that mental calculation.

Man: I stopped using my credit card because I’m fond of spending excessively. Perhaps I should take the same approach of paying using my phone.

Woman: It’s worth considering.


Q8: Why did the woman decide to go back to cash for payment?

Q9: what happens when people use apps for payment according to the woman?

Q10: what might the man tend to buy with payment apps?

Q11: what does the man think of electronic payment?