Conversation 2

M: Emma, I got accepted to the University of Leeds. Since you're going to university in England, (12) do you know how much it is for international students to study there?

W: Congratulations! Yes, I believe for international students, you'll have to pay around 13,000 pounds a year. It's just a bit more than the local students.

M: Ok, so that's about 17,000 dollars for the tuition and fees. (13) Anyway, I'm only going to be there for a year doing my masters, so it's pretty good. If I stayed in the US, it'd take two years and cost at least 50,000 dollars in tuition alone. (14) Also, I have a good chance of winning a scholarship at Leeds, which will be pretty awesome, the benefits of being a music genius.  

W: (14) Yeah, I heard you're a talented piano player. So you're doing a post-graduate degree now? I'm still in my last year graduating next June. Finally I'll be done with my studies and can go on to earn in loads of money.

M: Are you still planning on being a teacher? No money in that job then?

W: You'd be surprised. (15) I'm still going to be a teacher. But the plan is to work at an international school overseas after I get a year or so of experience in England. It's better paid and I get to travel, which reminds me I'm late for my class and I've got some documents I need to print out first. I'd better run.


12. What does the man want to know?

[C] Leeds’ tuition for international students.

13. What is the man going to do?

[D] Pursue postgraduate studies.

14. What might qualify the man for a scholarship at Leeds University?

[B] His outstanding musical talent.

15. What is the woman planning to do after graduation?

[D] Teach overseas.