1. C) Set up a mobile phone network on the moon.

2. A) It is stable.


3. B) No injuries were yet reported.

4. B) Pull down the deserted shopping mall.


5. D) Insufficient potato supply.

6. C) It is afraid of the spread of disease.

7. A) Global warming.

1. A) A man was pulled to safety after a building collapse.

2. C) He was collecting building materials.

3. B) Change British people's negative view of math.

4. D) Primary school teachers understand basic maths concepts.

5. D) He held a part-time job for over 20 years.

6. B) He can change his focus of attention.

7. C) They rarely recognized him.

8. C) Dull.

9. D) She takes notes.

10. A) It keeps her mind active. 

11. B) It helps her better remember what she learns.


12. A) To spend her honeymoon.

13. A) In memory of a princess.

14. D) It has walls decorated with jewels.

15. B) They are mostly crowded.

8. D) They saw a business opportunity there.

9. A) Provide foreign investment to expand business.

10. C) They all come from Romania.

11. B) Throughout the world.

12. B) Try out a new restaurant together in town.

13. D) It provides information on local events.

14. C) They go to eat at different stylish restaurants.

15. B) This year's Restaurant Week will start soon.

16. C) They provide residents with the resources needed.

17. B) By inspiring their creativity.

18. D) Their number increased modestly.


19. C) It is an unusual cross breed.

20. A) They are as loyal as dogs. 

21. C) They shower with them.


22. D) Excited but somewhat sad.

23. A) It starts the moment they are born. 

24. D) Set a good example for them to follow.

25. B) Their home life.

16. B) Exposing them to vegetables repeatedly.

17. A) They were disliked most by children.

18. B) Children's eating habits can be changed.

19. D) A lot of garbage has been left on the moon.

20. A) It is costly to bring back.

21. C) Study the effect of radiation and vacuum on its materials.

22. A) It is likely to remain a means of business communication.

23. B) Make a timely response.

24. C) It requires no reply.

25. D) Avoid using capitals for emphasis.





(Millions die early from air pollution…)

26. F) damage

27. B) associated

28. M) sources

29. D) constant

30. G) described

31. E) control

32. H) equals

33. K) regularly

34. I) exclusively

35. O) vehicles

(A few months ago, I was down with…)

26. I) remedies

27. D) inconvenience

28. H) recommended

29. C) hesitant

30. O) worse 

31. B) experiences 

32. J) scared

33. G) pressured

34. L) sink

35. E) lessen

(Have you ever used email to apologize…)

26. N) warning

27. B) convenience

28. F) particularly  

29. L) surveyed

30. C) effectively  

31. E) intimate

32. M) unfriendly

33. K) specific

34. G) primary

35. A) avoid

(Food-as-Medicine Movement is Witnessing Progress)

36. D) Nadeau says sugar and processed foods are big contributors...

37. B) Scott is delighted to get food advice from...

38. G) In Southern California, Loma Linda University School...

39. A) Several times a month, you can find a doctor...

40. I) Many people don't know how to cook, ...

41. F) In the big picture, says Dr. Richard Afable, ...

42. C) Nadeau notices the pre-made macaroni (通心粉)-and-cheese...

43. J) Studies have explored evidence that dietary changes...

44. E) Nadeau is part of a small revolution developing...

45. G) In Southern California, Loma Linda University School...

(Is it really OK to eat food that's fallen on the floor?)

36. F) So what does science tell us about…

37. C) So is five seconds on the floor the critical threshold…

38. L) And it's not just dropping food on the floor...

39. E) In fact it was a potato pancake, and…

40. A) When you drop a piece of food on the floor, .…

41. N) Research or common sense tells us that…

42. M) So the next time you consider eating fallen food, …

43. D) Wondering if food is still OK to eat after…

44. K) Should you eat food fallen on the floor then?…

45. H) We found that the number of bacteria…

(How a Poor, Abandoned Parisian Boy Became a Top Chef)

36. G) French Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte was known...

37. M) But in his lifetime, Carême, ever confident, ... 

38. F) Carême creations soon captured...

39. C) Carême's childhood was one part tragedy, ... 

40. E) In his teenage years, Carême fashioned...

41. D) Carême was quick at learning in the kitchen. ... 

42. A) The busy streets in Paris were uneven and caked...

43. H) In 1816, Carême began a culinary (烹饪的) journey...

44. K) Between meals, Carême wrote cook books...

45. B) His name was Marie-Antoine Carême, ...



(Passage One: California has been facing a drought…)

46. B) By drawing water from the depths of the earth.

47. B) It was not considered worth the expense.

48. A) The sinking of land surface.

49. D) They provide a steady supply of freshwater.

50. C) The cost may go up due to desalination.


(Passage Two: The AlphaGo program's victory is…)

51. D) Computers can become highly intelligent.

52. C) They make sensible decisions when facing moral dilemmas.

53. B) How to ensure that super-intelligent AI machines act ethically.

54. A) She could not distinguish good from bad.

55. C) It will prove to be an asset to human beings.

(Passage One: The latest in cat research reveals that…)

46. C) They have a natural ability to locate animals they hunt.

47. D) Their mastery of cause and effect.

48. B) They rely mainly on their hearing.

49. A) They focus on what appears odd.

50. B) They interact with the physical world much like humans.


(Passage Two: Imagine you enter a car with no…)

51. B) It would save local governments a lot of money.

52. A) They could enjoy greater mobility.

53. D) Numerous professional drivers would have to find new ways of earning a living.

54. A) Political dissatisfaction.

55. C) Enable everyone to benefit from new technologies.

(Passage One: Roughly the size of a soda can…)

46. A) The security camera installed may intrude into their privacy.

47. D) Etiquette around home security cameras.

48. C) Likes and dislikes of individuals.

49. A) Making their guests feel at ease.

50. B) It can prove their innocence.


(Passage Two: PepsiCo is to spend billions of dollars…)

51. C) To satisfy the growing needs for healthy foods.

52. D) Keep on improving its products.

53. A) To ensure the company's future development.

54. C) It is attributable to people's changed lifestyles.

55. B) Increasing its research funding.