Section A 
1. C) Set up a mobile phone network on the moon. 
2. A) It is stable. 
3. B) No injuries were yet reported. 
4. B) Pull down the deserted shopping mall.
5. D) Insufficient potato supply. 
6. C) It is afraid of the spread of disease. 
7. A) Global warming.  

Section B 
8. C) Dull 
9. D) she takes notes 
10. A) it keeps her mind active 
11. B) it helps her better remember what she learns. 
12. A) To spend her honeymoon. 
13. A) In memory of a princess. 
14. D) It has walls decorated with jewels. 
15. B) They are mostly crowded.  

Section C 
16. C) They provide residents with the resources they need. 
17. B) By inspiring their creativity. 
18. D) Their number increased modestly. 
19. C) It is an unusual cross breed. 
20. A) They are as loyal as dogs. 
21. C) They shower with them 
22. D) Excited but somewhat sad. 
23. D) It starts the moment they are born. 
24. D) Set a good example for them to follow. 
25. B) Their home life.  


26. F damage 
27. B associated 
28. M sources 
29. D constant 
30. G described 
31. E control 
32. H equals 
33. K regularly   
34. I exclusively 
35. O vehicles  

36-40 DBGFI  
41-45 FCJEG 
36. More than half of the food Americans eat is factory-produced 
37. There is a special program that assigns doctors to give advice to shoppers in food stores.  
38. There is growing evidence from research that food helps patients recover from various illnesses.  
39. A healthy breakfast can be prepared quickly and easily.  
40. Training a patient to prepare healthy food can change their life.  
41. One food-as-medicine program not only prescribes food for treatment but teaches patientshow to cook it.  
42. Scott is nat keen on cooking food herself thinking it would simply be a waste of time.  
43. Diabetes patients are advised to eat more plant-based food  
44. Using food as medicine is no novel idea but the movement is making headway these days.  
45. Americans high rates of various illesses result from the way they eat.


46. How could california's drought crisis be solved according to some researchers?  
B - By drawing water from the depths of the earth  
47. What can be inferred about extracting water from deep aquifers? 
B - It was not considered worth the expense  
48. What is mentioned as a consequence of extracting water from deep underground? 
A - The sinking of land surface  
49. What does the author say about deep wells? 
D - They provide a steady supply of freshwater  
50. What may happen when deep aquiters are used as water sources? 
C - The cost may go up due to desalination.  
51. What does the author want to show with the example of AlphaGo's victory? D - Computers can become highly inelilence  
52. What does the author 'mean by Al machines acting ethically? 
C - They make sensible decisions when facing moral dilemmas. 
 53. What is said to be the bigger challenges facing humans in the AI age? 
B - How to ensure that super- intllient AI machines act ethically.  
54. What do we learn about Microsoft's 'chatbot' Taylor? 
A - She could not distinguish good from bad.  
55. What does Eric Schmidt think of artificial intlligence? 
D - It will be here to stay whatever the outcome.  




Owing to the rapid development of the communication network, the number of China ' s smart phone users has rocked, which has greatly changed many people ' s reading habit.  They read news and articles more often on phones than on traditional newspapers. The large number of apps developed for mobile phones makes it possible for people to read novels and other literary works on phones,  thus affecting the sale of paper / printed books. However,  according to the survey,  in spite of the steadily- growing mobile - reading market, over 50% of adults still prefer paper / printed books. 


Directions: For this part, you are allowed 30 minutes to write a short essay on the challenges of living in a big city. You should write at least 120 words but no more than 180 words. 


Nowadays, the majority of world population is living in urban areas. While many people associate city life with prosperity, urban dwellers actually have to experience various difficulties, including crime and environmental pollution. From my perspective, governments should use counter-urbanization as a measure to ease the aforementioned problems.  One of the common issues with living in a city is crime. For a violent crime to occur, there must be a culprit and a victim. Furthermore, air pollution is also a prevalent issue in major cities. Surface transportation is the main source of greenhouse gas emissions, which cause breathing difficulties to the people.  In my opinion, to tackle both the issues above, governments should promote the migration from urban areas to rural ones. As the population density of a metropolitan area is reduced, so do crimes and air pollution.