Part III Reading Comprehension

Section A


26. F) damage

27. B) associated

28. M) sources

29. D) constant

30. G) described

31. E) control

32. H) equals

33. K) regularly

34. I) exclusively

35. O) vehicles



26. I) remedies

27. D) inconvenience(周思成版)

27. G) pressured (考虫版)

28. H) recommended

29. C) hesitant

30. O) worse

31. B) experiences

32. J) scared

33. M) pressured(周思成版)

33. M) temporary(考虫版)

34. L) sink

35. E) lessen



26. I) warning

27. B) convenience

28. F) particularly

29. L) surveyed

30. C) effectively

31. E) intimate

32. J) unfriendly

33. K) specific

34. G) primary

35. A) avoid


Section B

第一篇 Food-as-Medicine Movement is witnessing progress

36. [D] More than half of the food Americans eat is factory-produced

37. [B] There is a special program that assigns doctors to give advice to shoppers in food stores.

38. [G] There is growing evidence from research that food helps patients recover from various illnesses.

39. [A] Several times a month… 

40. [I] Training a patient to prepare healthy food can change their life

41. [F] One food-as-medicine program not only prescribes food for treatment but teaches patients how to cook it

42. [C] Scott is not keen on cooking food herself thinking it would simply be a waste of time

43. [J] Diabetes patients are advised to eat more plant-based food

44. [E] Using food as medicine is no novel idea but the movement is making headway these days

45. [G] Americans' high rates of various illness result from the way they eat


第二篇 Is it really OK to eat food that's fallen on the floor

36. [F] A research project found bacteria made their way to the food on the floor in five seconds.

37. [C] Whether food is contaminated depends much on the number of bacteria that get onto it.

38. [L] Food contamination may result from various factors other than food dropping on the floor.

39. [E] Males are less likely than females to eat food that may have been contaminated.

40. [A] The author's research centers around how food gets contaminated.

41. [N] Keeping everything clean is the best way to stay healthy.

42. [M] Chances are you will not fall sick because of eating food picked up from the floor.

43. [D] For a long time people have had the experience of deciding whether or not to eat food picked up from the floor.

44. [K] Some strains of bacteria are so harmful that a tiny few can have deadly consequences.

45. [H] Researchers found how many bacteria got into the food did not have much to do with how long the food stayed on a contaminated floor.


第三篇 How a poor abandoned Parisian boy became a top chef

36. [G] Careme was among the first chefs who stressed both the appearance and flavor of dishes.

37. [M] Careme wanted to show to later generations that French chefs of his time were most world.

38. [F] Careme benefited greatly from serving a French diplomat and his connections.

39. [C] Careme learned his trade from a famous dessert chef in Paris.

40. [E] Careme's creative works were exhibited in the shop windows by his master.

41. [D] Careme's knowledge of art and architecture helped him created extraordinary desserts out of ordinary ingredient.

42. [A] Many people in Paris were eager to have a look at the latest sweet food made by Careme.

43. [H] Careme became extremely wealthy by cooking for rich and socially ambitious families.

44. [K] Careme's writing dealt with fundamental cooking principles in a systematic way.

45. [B] Careme's contribution to French cooking was revolutionary.


Section C



46. B) By drawing water from the depths of the earth.

47. B) It was not considered worth the expense.

48. A) The sinking of land surface.

49. D) They provide a steady supply of freshwater.

50. C) The cost may go up due to desalination.



51. D) Computers can become highly intelligent.

52. C) They make sensible decisions when facing moral dilemmas.

53. B) How to ensure that super-intelligent AI machines act ethically.

54. A) She could not distinguish good from bad.

55. C) It will prove to be an asset to human beings. 




46. C) They have a natural ability to locate animals they hunt.

47. D) Their mastery of cause and effect.

48. B) They rely mainly on their hearing.

49. A) They focus on what appears odd.

50. B) They interact with the physical world much like humans.



51. A) People would be driving in a more civilized way.

52. A) They could enjoy greater mobility.

53. D) Numerous professional drivers would have to find new ways of earning a living.

54. B) Retaining of employees.

55. C) Enable everyone to benefit from new technologies.




46. A) The security camera installed may intrude into their privacy.

47. D) Etiquette around home security cameras.

48. C) Likes and dislikes of individuals.

49. A) Making their guests feel at ease.

50. B) It can prove their innocence.



51. C) to satisfy the growing needs for healthy foods.

52. D) Keep on improving its products.

53. A) To ensure the company is future development.

54. C) It is attributable to people's changed lifestyles.

55. B) Increasing its research funding.