Nowadays, more and more graduates are inclined to start a career after graduation, however, considering the current employment circumstance, it is undoubtedly that setting up a business of their own would be bound to meet quite a lot of challenges.

To be specific, there proves to be a cruel reality that we cannot ignore that entrepreneurship requires some basic qualifications, including appropriate opportunities, initial capital, social resources and management ability, the majority of which, unfortunately, happens to be the student entrepreneurs’ shortage. In addition, the fiercer competition and mature market inevitably and correspondingly evolve into the emerging handicap to launch a business successfully, which present higher demand for students.

Therefore, as an undergraduate, in my own view, we should make a rational plan, accumulate related experience and build up a network before starting our own business.


Personally speaking, influenced by the inevitable result of social advancement, the phenomenon of starting a career after graduation has been a prevalent tendency in our society. And it also has been a hot topic among the individuals. As for me, I deem that starting a career after graduation has numerous challenges .

When it comes to the challenges when we start a career after gradution, the driving challenges can be summarized as below. For one thing , we have to solve the problem of money,because it is the base of a successful career. For another, the firece competition which we confront with may be a kind of difficulty for every student.

I think starting a career after graduation has numerous challenges to be solved, and positive attitude and careful consideration are essential for students.


Nowadays there is a growing concern over starting a career after graduation for the newly graduates. For years, the society has witnessed that a growing number of newly graduates remain unemployed after graduation, and the challenges may as follows:

First, students upon graduation may be overwhelmed by the social reality that their majors are not so correspond to the real work. Especially for the liberal arts graduates, because it's challenging to transfer theoretical knowledge into practical use.

Then, the newly graduates will have to face the challenge that most companies would prefer to hire employees with working experience. It is true that many students graduate with zero experience.

Besides, the high living expenses after graduation, taking rent as an example, is another great challenge that can’t be overlooked.

There is sufficient evidence to show that starting a career after graduation is certainly challenging. But for the newly graduates, they still need to stay optimistic. The long life path is still at its beginning and the great challenges always come along with great opportunities.


The great challenges that newly graduates face have attracted extensive attention of the society, which can be found in TV programs, newspapers, university classes and many aspect of our everyday life. These challenges include independence in life and work, cooperation among colleagues, and further improving abilities to meet the requirements of jobs.

According to a survey, some newly graduates lack of the ability to work independently. They point out the factor that in workplaces, there were no teachers to support or direct their tasks. Then, new graduates should learn to be independent and be willing to start their jobs from the basic level, so that they could understand the industry and self-learn related skills.Meanwhile, newly graduates should learn to cooperate with colleagues. Different from classmates at school, colleagues usually have their own responsibilities in work and personal lives. Thus, newly graduates need to coordinate their own time with others’ plans to maximize the cooperation efficiency. The most important thing for newly graduates is that they should keep learning, even leaving schools. The knowledge learned from school may be different from the requirements in the workplaces. Therefore, newly graduates should keep improving themselves to meet the requirements of jobs.

From what has been discussed above, we may safely draw the conclusions that independence, collaborations, and comprehending new abilities are most important things to do for newly graduates.




With economic globalization and cultural integration go side by side, an increasing number of college students are inclined to study abroad, including senior middle school students.

The challenges of studying abroad can be listed as below. Initially, different habits and customs can cast some unexpected effects on our life. We are not used to living in a completely strange environment. Similarly, teaching philosophy and methods among diverse countries are contradictory sometimes, which is not suitable for juveniles. At last, studying abroad needs huge expense. Not only should our parents take pressure, but also we do heavy part-time jobs after school.

By and large, were it left to me to comment, I would recommend that students are expected to fully consider whether studying abroad is the best choice for themselves and their family.



It is well known that due to the booming economy and increasing family income, studying abroad has become an increasingly popular choice for students. Although studying abroad is often praised by people for its advantages, there are still some disadvantages to be noticed.

First of all, to study abroad is expensive. Specifically speaking, those involved have to spend a large amount of money on tuition and living expenses, which is not affordable for everyone. In addition, to study abroad is a great challenge for those students who lack the ability of living independently. If they can not take good care of themselves there, their academic performance will be affected to a large extent. Last but not least, to study abroad may exercise a negative influence on students’ mentality. As we all know, to study abroad equals to stay away from family and friends for a long time, which is likely to produce some psychological problems for those students, such as being solitary and gloomy.

From what has been mentioned above, we can easily come to the conclusion that the disadvantages of studying abroad can not be neglected. What’s more, those students who are planning to study abroad should make enough preparations for these problems mentioned above. Only in this way, can they have a fruitful and successful study life abroad.






Nowadays, with globalization making the world more interconnected, a trend of accepting higher education has been on the rise. There are many students considering studying abroad, and here are some of the challenges they may confront with.

The first one is being exposed to a totally exotic environment. People who studied abroad will be open to everything new and strange. On social level, they also meet a diverse range of counterparts. Sometimes it is no easy to become the ice-breaker.

The other challenge may come from their family, or to be specific, the oversea students will be more likely to be homesick, especially for those who are in their first year, and their parents will share that feeling with them.

Besides, we shall not forget challenge of culture and language. It is quite often that even if they can understand every single word, they will still fail to grasp the true meaning.

Despite all these challenges, there are still great amount of people choose to study abroad, because great challenges always come along with great opportunities.


Along with the development of globalization, more and more issues are brought to our attention, one of the most heatedly discussed issues is working abroad. Undoubtedly, it poses not only chances but also challenges to the people.

There are a host of factors might contribute to the problem. One of the most common factors is mental pressure. Far away from families and friends, it is inevitable to feel a sense of solitary. Another contributing cause is culture difference, which prevents us from communicating with foreigners to a large extent. In other words, we are not confident enough to come out of our comfort zone to embrace the challenge and succumb to the difficulties.

Confronted with such problemswe should take a series of effective measures to cope with the situation. First and foremost, confronted with great pressure, the best method is to communicate with friends or family members to unburden the feelings. Also, the universities and colleges should also pay more attention to graduates’ mental health and take effective actions such as providing psychological service for students helping them to deal with mental problems. Furthermore, a little bravery can result in the possibility of success when confronted with something unknown. Meanwhile, the sense of never giving up enhances one’s self-confidence. This makes one more likely to try new things, opening up even more new opportunities. With the efforts of all parts concerned, the problem will be solved thoroughly.





With the rapid growth of big cities, more and more people choose to live in a big city. Nowadays, it is commonly believed that living in a big city will provides them with many opportunities, but I wonder that people who live in a big city are facing more challenges.

There are numerous challenges of living in a big city, and I would explore only three challenges here. The first challenge is that the house prices are so high that only a small proportion of people can afford. In order to live in the big cities, it is necessary for others to rent the house with a high price. The second one is that the companies in big cities ask their employees to create value all the time, which results in high living pressure for staffs. The last one is that people who living there don’t have intimate friends to share their feelings.

Based on the points discussed above, we may reasonably draw the conclusion that people living in a big city are in front of many challenges. Dealing with the challenges is not different from conquering a great mountain; both of us require determination, courage, and perseverance.






Never in our history has the phenomenon that living in a big city become so common. As cities growing larger and larger, there has been a steady rise in the number of people who flood into those big cities. Obviously, it will give rise to a host of challenges to the new citizens.

First and foremost, people will have to face with the high living expenses. For most people in big cities, they have to rent to live and the cost of daily products may also see a rise.

Then, the challenge of working under great pressure couldn’t be denied. While having high salaries, people living in big cities will also encounter with intensive working pressure.

Finally, there may be other challenges like long commute distance, jammed traffic poor air conditions and etc., dealing with such issues can be really challenging.

Taking all these into account, there are still great amount of people choose to work and live in big cities, because great challenges always come along with great opportunities.


With the development of transportation system and information technology, many people choose to move to big cities for more opportunities, higher salaries, and a colorful life. However, living in big cities also means facing greater challenges.

Firstly, the competition in big cities is much fiercer than the counterpart in small cities, because big cities gather hundreds and thousands of elites from the whole country, even worldwide. This means you need to keep improving themselves to maintain their living conditions in big cities. Otherwise, your place may be taken place by others quickly.

Secondly, big cities also mean higher living spend, including rent and food. Therefore, people need to secure jobs with high salaries to pay for various expenses in big cities.

Thirdly, if young people move to big cities, it may cause that they have to leave their families, which may lead to homesickness and aloneness sometimes. Thus, they have to either set up homes in the new cities or return their hometown after several years.

Due to the challenges mentioned above, although there are abundant opportunities in big cities, people should consider their own situations carefully, before making the decisions to move to big cities.