Section A
News report 1:
1.    C) Set up a mobile phone network on the moon.
2.    A) It is stable.
News report 2:
3.    B) No injuries were yet reported.
4.    B) Pull down the deserted shopping mall.
News report 3:
5.    D) Insufficient potato supply.
6.    C) It is afraid of the spread of disease.

Section B
Conversation 1:
8. C) Dull.
9. D) She takes notes.
10. A) It keeps her mind active.
11. B) It helps her better remember what she learns.
Conversation 2:
12. A) To spend her honeymoon.
13. A) In memory of a princess.
14. D) It has walls decorated with jewels.
15. B) They are mostly crowded.

Section C
Passage 1
16. C) They provide residents with the resources needed.
17. B) By inspiring their creativity.
18. D) Their number increased modestly
Passage 2
19. C) It is an unusual cross breed.
20. A) They are as loyal as dogs.  
21. C) They shower with them.
Passage 3
22. D) Excited but somewhat sad.
23. A) It starts the moment they are born.
24. D) Set a good example for them to follow.
25. B) Their home life.