A 9-year-old girl in New Mexico has raised more than $500 for her little brother who needs heart surgery in Houston, Texas this July. Addison Witulski's grandmother Kim Allred, said Addison probably overheard a conversation between family members talking about the funds needed to get her little brother to treatment. "I guess she overheard her grandfather and me talking about how we're worried about how we're going to get to Houston, for my grandson's heart surgery," said Allred. She decided to go outside and have a lemonade stand and make some drawings and pictures and sell them.” That's when Addison and her friends Erika and Emily Borden decided to sell lemonade for 50 cents a cup and sell pictures for 25 cents each.

Before Allred knew it, New Mexico State Police Officers were among the many stopping by helping them reach a total of $568. The family turned to social media expressing their gratitude saying, "From the bottom of our hearts, we would like to deeply thank each and every person that stopped by!"

1: Who did Addison raise the money for?

2: How did Addison raise the money?


News Report 2:

Last week, France announced that the country will pave 621 miles of road with solar panels over the next five years with the goal of providing cheap, renewable energy to five million people. Called the Ward Way, the roads will be built through joint efforts with the French road building company Colas and the National Institute of Solar Energy. The company spent the last five years developing solar panels that are only about a quarter of inch thick and are strong enough to stand up to heavy highway traffic without breaking or making the roads more slippery. The panels are also designed so that they can be installed directly on top of the existing roadways, making them relatively cheap and easy to install. France is the first country to kick around the idea of paving its roads with solar panels. In November 2015, the Netherlands completed a 229-foot long bike path paved with solar panels as a test for future projects. However, this is the first time a panel has been designed to be laid directly on top existing roads and the first project to install the panels on public highways.

3: What was France’s purpose of constructing the Ward Way?

4: What is special about the solar panels used in the Ward Way?


News Report 3

Lions have disappeared from much of Africa, but for the past few years scientists have wondered if the big cats were hanging on in remote parts of Sudan and Ethiopia. Continuous fighting in the region has made surveys difficult. But scientists released a report Monday documenting with hard evidence the discovery of "lost lions." A team with Oxford University’s Wildlife Conservation Research Unit, supported by a charity organization, spent two nights in November camping in a national park in northwest Ethiopia on the Ethiopia-Sudan border. The researchers set out six camera traps, capturing images of lions, and the identified lion tracks. The scientists concluded that lions are also likely to live in a neighboring national park across the border in Sudan. The International Union for Conservation of Nature had previously considered the area a "possible range" for the species, and local people had reported seeing lions in the area, but no one presented convincing evidence.

5: What has made it difficult to survey lions in remote parts of Sudan and Ethiopia?

6: What was the main purpose of the research?

7: What did the researchers find in the national park?


Conversation One

M: I beg you’re looking forward to the end of this month. Aren’t you?

W: Yes, I am. How did you know?

M: David told me you had a special birthday coming up.

W: Oh, yes. That’s right. This year would be my golden birthday.

M: What does that mean? I’ve never heard of a golden birthday.

W: I’ve actually just learned of this concept myself. Fortunately, just in time to celebrate. A golden or lucky birthday is when one turns the age of their birth date. So, for example, my sister’s birthday is December 9th and her golden birthday would have been the year she turns 9 years old. Come to think of it , my parents did throw her a surprise party that year.

M: Interesting. Too bad I missed mine. My golden birthday would’ve been four years ago. I assumedly got a big plan then.

W: Actually yes. My husband is planning a surprise holiday for the two of us next week. I have no idea what he’s gotten in mind, but I’m excited to find out. Has he mentioned anything to you?

M: He might have.

W: Anything you’d like to share? I’m dying to know what kind of trip he has planned where we’re going.

M: Yeah, nothing at all.

W: Not a clue. Hard to imagine, isn’t it! Though I must say, I think it has been even more fun keeping the secret for me the past few weeks.

M: I’m sure both of you will have a fantastic time. Happy golden birthday! I can’t wait to hear all about it when you get back.

8. What does the woman looking forward to?

9. What did the woman’s parents do on her sister’s lucky birthday?

10. What is the woman eager to find out about?

11. What does the man say at the end of the conversation?


Conversation Two

W: Mr. Green, What do you think makes a successful negotiator?

M: Well, It does hard to define, but I think successful negotiators have several things in common. They are always polite and rational people, they are firm, but flexible. They can recognize power and know how to use it. They are sensitive to the dynamics in the negotiation, the way it raises and falls, and how may change the direction. They project the image of confidence, and perhaps most importantly, they know when to stop.

W: And what about an unsuccessful negotiator?

M: Well, this probably all of us when we start out. We are probably immature and over-trusting, too emotional or aggressive. We are unsure of ourselves and want to be liked by everyone. Good negotiators learn fast, pool negotiators remain like that and go on losing negotiations,

W: In your opinion, can the skills of negotiation be taught?

M: Well, you can teach someone how to prepare for negotiation. There perhaps six stages in every negotiation, get to know the other side, stay your goals, start the process, clarify there is a disagreement or conflict, reassess your position, making acceptable compromise, and finally reach some agreements and principals. These stages can be studied, and strategies to be used in each can be planned before-hand. But I think the really successful negotiator is probably born with the sixth sense that may respond properly to the situation at hand.

W: The artistic sense you just described?

M: Yes, that’s right

12. What’s the man say about good negotiators?

13. What does the man say, maybe the most important thing to a successful negotiator?

14. How is a good negotiator different from a poor one?

15. What’s the first stage of a negation according to the man?


Passage One

Some people wonder why countries spend millions of dollars on space projects. They want to know how space research helps people on earth. Actually, space technology helps people on earth every day. This is called spin-off technology. Spin-off technology is space technology that is now used on earth. In early space programs, such as the Apollo missions of the 1960s and 1970s and in the space shuttle missions today, scientists developed objects for the astronauts to use on the moon and in space. We now use some of these objects every day. For example, we have quartz crystal clocks and watches accurate to within one minute a year. We purify the water we drink with the water filter designed for the astronauts to use in space. The cordless hand held tools we use in our homes, such as vacuum cleaners, flashlights, drills came from the technology of these early space programs. On cold winter days, we can stay warm with battery-operated gloves and socks, especially made coats and jackets. All the clothes are similar to the space suits designs that kept astronauts comfortable in the temperatures of the moon, in our spin offs from space technology. These products are only a few examples of the many ways space technology helps us in our everyday lives. No one knows how new spin off technology from the international space station will help us in the future.

16. What do some people want to know about space exploration?

17. What did scientist do for the space shuttle missions?

18. What does the speaker say about the quartz crystal clocks and watches?


Passage Two

Well, if I could get back in history and live, I'd like to get back to the 18th century and perhaps in colonial America in Yankee new England where one of my ancestors lived, because it was the beginning of something. By the 18th century, there was a feeling of community that had grown. My ancestor was the preacher traveling around countryside. People lived in small communities. It was fisherman and farmers who provided fresh food that tasted and looked like food. Unlike today’s supermarkets, and there were small towns and New York wasn't that far away. I'm deeply attached to the puritan tradition not in a religious sense. But they believed in working for something, working for goals. And I like that. They worked hard at whatever they did, but they had a sense of achievement. They believed in goodness, in community, and helping one another. I love the colonial fabrics or the silver works, the furnishings, the combination of elegance simplicity. I'd love it. The printing, the books, I’m very attached to all that kind of thing. That may not all be very entertaining in the modern sense of the world, but I would have enjoyed spending my evenings in that environment, discussing new ideas, building a new world, and I can see myself sitting on a small chair by the fire doing needle work.

19. Why does the speaker say she would like to go back and live in the 18th century America?

20. What does the speaker say about the Puritans?

21. What would the speaker like doing if she could go back to the past?


Passage three

If you are lost in the woods, a little knowledge concerned with some people called a hardship into an enjoyable stay away from the troubles of modern society. When you think you're lost,

sit down on the log or rock, or lean against the tree, and recite something you are memorized to bring your mind to the point where is under control. Don’t run blindly if you must move, don't follow stream unless you know it, and in that case you're not lost. Streams normally flow through wide land before they reach a lake or river though there are more eatable plants, there may also be wild animals, poisonous snakes, and other hazards. Many experts feel it is the wisest to walk up hill. At the top of most hills and mountains are trails living back to civilizations. If there are no trails, you're much easier to be seen on top of the hill. And you may even spot the highway or railroad from this point. Nowadays, the first way some of you search for you is by air. In the wide lands or in dense grass, we're very hard to spot. Anytime you are going to the woods, somebody should know where you're going, and when you are expected to return, also when someone comes to looking, you should be able to signal to them.

22. What does the speaker advise you to do first if you are lost in the woods?

23. What will happen if you follow an unknown stream in the woods?

24. What do many experts think is the wisest thing to do if you're lost in the woods?

25. What should you do before you go into the woods?


1. D) Her little brother.

2. B) By selling lemonade and pictures.

3. B) Providing clean energy to five million people.

4. C) They can be laid right on top of existing highways.

5. C) Endless fighting in the region.


6. D) To find evidence of the lions' disappearance.

7. A) Lions' tracks.

8. D) Her "lucky birthday".

9. A) Threw her a surprise party.

10. C) The trip her husband has planned.


11.B) He is eager to learn how the couple's holiday turns out.

12.D) They are sensitive to the dynamics of a negotiation.

13.A) They know when to stop.

14.B) They learn quickly.

15.C) Get to know the other side.


16.A) How space research benefits people on Earth

17.C) They developed objects for astronauts to use in outer space.

18.B) They are extremely accurate.

19.C) It marked the beginning of something new.

20.D) They believed in working for goals.


21.B) Doing needlework by the fire.

22.A) Sit down and try to calm yourself.

23.C) You may expose yourself to unexpected dangers.

24.A) Walk uphill.

25.D) Inform somebody of your plan.




1. D) It has got one of its injured.

2. C) Its videos were posted on social media.

3. A) The distance travelled.

4. B) Gas consumption is soaring.

5. B) He helps a stranger to carry groceries to his car.


6. C) He raised a large sum of money for him.

7. A) He works hard to support his family.

8. A) Attend an economics lecture

9. C) Attend his brother’s birthday party

10. D) Join him in his brother’s birthday celebration


11. B) By train

12. A) Taking a vacation abroad.

13. C) Working part time as a waiter.

14. B) Save enough money..

15. A) He has rich sailing experience.


16. D) She was also a Nobel Prize winner.

17. B) She developed X-ray facilities for military hospitals.

18. A) Both died of blood cancer.

19. C) They discovered Iceland in the ninth century.

20. D) It was a rocky mass of land covered with ice.


21. A) Thee Viking’s ocean explorations.

22. C) Dream about the future.

23. B) Change what he has for his past imaginary world.

24. D) International business.

25. B) Be content with what you have.





26-30 K D M O A

31-35 F H I C B

A. associated (v +ed.) 与…相关联

B. examine(v.)检查;检测

C. indicate(v.)意味;指示;象征

D. nuisance(n.)讨厌的人或事

E. peak(n.)巅峰;峰值

F. preventing(v +ing.)防止;组织

G. prohibiting(v +ing.)禁止

H. sensitive(a.)敏感的

I. slight(a.)微小的

J. specify(v.)详细说明;指定

K. superior(a.)高超的;优秀的

L. suspicious(a.)可疑的

M. tip(n.)尖端

N. treated(v +ed)被治疗的;被对待的

O. visual(a.)视觉的

36. I

定位:段落第一句,”Yes, my advanced age must factor into the equation ,in part because of my inability to access the information as quickly.”

37. E

定位:段落首句。”Following the Harvard scandal, Mary Miller, the former dean of students at Yale, made an impassioned appeal to her school’s professors to refrain from take-home exams.”

38. C

定位:段落第三句“He believes students ultimately learn more and encourages them to form study groups.”

39. D

定位:段落首句“He also says there is less chance of cheating with the in-class variety.”

40. B

定位: have a professor who issues take-home ones. I was excited when I Learned this, figuring I Had a full week to do the research.

41. H

定位:here are people who always wait until the last minute, and make it much harder than it needs to be.

42. G

定位:students’ test-form preferences vary ,too, often depending on the subject and course difficulty.

43. F

定位:Most college professors agree the kind of exam they choose largely depends on the subject. A quantitative-based one, for example, is unlikely to be sent home, where one could ask their older brothers and sisters to help.

44. A

定位:So it may seem rather strange that I have returned to college to finish the degree I left undone some four decades ago.

45. J

定位:“I like in-classs exams because the time is already reserved ,as opposed to using my free time at home to work on a test,” he responded.


46-50 D C A C B

51-55 D A A C B



26. G exposure

27. L levels

28. F enroll

29. O participated

30. C championships

31. E developing

32. M local

33. N operates

34. J graduating

35. B career


36. C 37.H 38.D 39.O 40.L

41.B 42.I 43.F 44.L 45.E


46-50 BBACD

46. What do we learn from the passage about cities in sub-Saharan Africa?

B)They are growing fast without becoming richer

定位:第一段第二句及第四句。第二句What’s indisputable is that it’s growing very quickly对应growing fast, 第四句sub-Saharan Africa are not getting richer the way cities in the rest of the world have.

47. What does the author imply about urbanisation in other parts of the world?

B) It started when people’s income was relatively high.

定位:第二段第二句:Most of Africa is urbanizing at a lower level of income than other regions of the world did.下文又提到因为收入低,所以缺少投资的钱。

48. Why is sub-Saharan Africa unappealing to investors?

A) It lacks adequate transport facilities.

定位:第二段最后一句:… the only light rail metro system…keep investors away.

49. In what way does author say African cities are different?

C) They have developed at the expense of nature.


50. What might be a solution to the problems facing African cities?

D) A more responsible government



51-55 BCADD

51. It used to be commonly acknowledged that to succeed in America, one had to have___.

B) an ambition to get ahead


For the past several decades, it seems there’s been a general consensus on how to get ahead in America: Get a college education, find a reliable job, and buy your own home.

52. What is the finding of the latest National Journal poll concerning the American dream?

C) Americans’ idea of it has changed over the past few decades.


Overwhelmingly, the results show that today, the idea of the American dream—and what it takes to achieve it—looks quite different than it did in the late 20th century.

53. What do Americans now think of the role of college education in achieving success?

A) It still remains open to debate.


In the past seven years, Americans have grown more pessimistic about the power of education to lead to success…they see going to college as a fairly achievable goal…do not need a four-year college education in order to be successful.

54. How do some people view college education these days?

D) It helps broaden their minds.


While some…see college as a way to gain new perspective and life experiences.

55. What is one factor essential to success in America, according to Will Fendley?

D) A clear aim and high motivation.


Sixty-year-old Will Fendley…thinks “personal drive” is far more important than just going to college. To Fendley, a sense of drive and purpose, as well as an effective high-school education…



26-30: F A L G E

31-35: B M K O N


A. advantage(n.)优点;优势

B. commercial(a.)商业的

C. conservation(n.)保护;保存

D. equipped(v. +ed)装备;配备

E. incoming(a.)正来临的;进入的;输入的

F. innovation(n.)创新

G. limited(v. +ed)局限的;受限的

H. local(a.)当地的

I. maintained(v. +ed)维持;主张

J. occupations(n.)占用;职业

K. posted(v. +ed)投放;布置

L. remained(v. +ed)保持…状态;剩余

M. reservations(n.)保留;预定

N. submitted(v. +ed)提交

O. valuable(a.)有价值的;珍贵的


Passage One

Aging happens to all of us, and is generally thought of as a natural part of life.

46-50 BADCA

46. What do people generally believe about aging?

B) They just cannot do anything about it.

47. How do many scientists view aging now?

A) It might be prevented and treated.

48. What does Alex Zhavoronkov think of “describing aging as a disease”?

D) It will motivate doctors and pharmacists to find ways to treat aging.

49. What do we learn about the medical community?

C) They can contribute to people’s health only to a limited extent.

50. What does Professor Leonard Hayflick believe?

A) The human lifespan cannot be prolonged.


Passage Two

Female applicants to postdoctoral positions in geosciences were nearly half as likely to...

51-55 CCBDD

51. What do we learn about applicants to postdoctoral positions in geosciences?

C) More males than females are likely to get outstanding letters of recommendation.

52. What do studies about men and women in scientific research show?

C) Men are believed to be better able to excel in STEM disciplines.

53. What do the studies find about the recommendation letters for women applicants?

B) They contain nothing that distinguishes the applicants.

54. What did Dutt and her colleagues do with the more than 1,200 letters of recommendation?

D) They deleted all information about gender.

55. What does Dutt aim to do with her study?

D) Start a public discussion on how to raise women’s status in academic circles.






Located in western Shandong province in eastern China, Mount Tai stands over 1500 meters above sea level and covers an area of about 400 square kilometers. It is a mountain of historical and cultural significance. Religious worship of Mount Tai dates back 3,000 years. In recorded history, 72 emperors came here to pay homage to heaven and earth. Mount Tai has seen many poets, literary scholars as well as painters who have traveled there for inspiration. That explains why Mount Tai features numerous cultural relics and historic sites. Mount Tai has become one of the leading tourist attractions in China.




Mount Hua is located in Huayin City (Shaanxi, China), 120 kilometers away from Xi’an. It is part of the Qinling or Qin Mountains, which divide not only northern and southern Shaanxi, but also south and north China. Unlike Mount Tai that used to be frequented by worshipers/pilgrims, Mount Hua was not well visited by pilgrims from the rest of China as the roads in the mountain were extremely dangerous/because of inaccessibility of its summits. Back then, however, those who wished to enjoy longevity/immortality seekers ventured in Mount Hua quite a lot because it was believed that numerous herbs, rare ones in particular, grew in the mountain. Since cable cars were installed in Mount Hua in the 1990s, the number of visitors has increased dramatically / significantly / exponentially / the mountain has seen a dramatic rise in tourist arrivals.




Located in southern Anhui province in eastern China, Huangshan or literally Yellow Mountain is known for its unique natural scenery, particularly sunrises and sea of clouds.To appreciate the magnificence of the mountain, you have to look upward in most cases while to enjoy the fascinating landscape of Huangshan, you've got to look downward.The humid climate of the area offers favorable conditions for tea trees to grow, which makes the surrounding area of Huangshan one of the major producers of teas. The mountain is also home to numerous hot springs, which is helpful for preventing skin disease. As one of the top tourist destinations in China, Huangshan represents one of the most popular themes of photographic works and traditional Chinese paintings.




Directions:For this part,you are allowed 30 minutes to write a short essay on how to best handle the relationship between parents and children. You should write at least 120 words but no more than 180 words.


How to best handle the relationship between parents and children?

Nowadays, a wide-spread phenomenon occur frequently that parents make a lot of decisions for their children, even for most critical issues of their life, such as education, work or even marriage. Though many parents regard their children as the apple of their eye, they have no enough knowledge how to best handle the relationship with their children.

We may find several reasons to explain this phenomenon above. First of all, parents, with their former life experience, always think that they are able to make a better decision than teenagers do. Next, they pay too much attention to their only child in the family without caring for their children’s feeling. What’s more, they assert the only way to realize their unfulfilled dreams is letting their children do things that they want them to.

How to solve such serious problems? To begin with, parents should adapt some strategic changes in children education. They should consciously develop their children’s capabilities to think on their own. In addition, children should cope with the difficulties they encounter independently and may also search for parents’ necessary guide only at critical moments.

Positive parent-child bonds foster autonomy, curiosity, self-esteem and better decision-making skills. So let’s take actions to improve parent-child relationship before it’s too late.


Directions: For this part, you are allowed 30 minutes to write a short essay on how to best handle the relationship between teachers and students. You should write at least 120 words but no more than 180 words.


With both parents having a daily job in most Chinese families in recent years, teachers and students are even becoming the main parts in teaching activities. Hence it is never so necessary to best handle the relationship between teachers and students.

To begin with, teachers need to be aware that they are the basis to make the teaching process function well. As educators, they should undertake the important responsibility to educate students from different backgrounds and with different academic levels. Only by being patient and thoughtful can they cultivate the future hope of our country and continue the development of human society. Furthermore, students on the other hand are the main part of learning. It is critical for them to respect their teachers, which is becoming less popular nowadays, as they can learn the core of textbooks and life from someone only if they trust him.

In all, the harmonious relationship between teachers and students will gain good result and it will bring unaccountable function to education career.


Directions: For this part, you are allowed 30 minutes to write a short essay on how to best handle the relationship between doctors and patients. You should write at least 120 words but no more than 180 words.


How to handle the relationship between doctors and patients?

In recent years, the relationship between doctors and patients has become increasingly tense and complicated. The disputes have intensified day by day. There is a lack of necessary understanding and trust between doctors and patients. The normal health care activities are deeply affected. The relationship between doctors and patients has become an unprecedented common concern of the whole society at this stage.

How to best handle the relationship between doctors and patients?Firstly of all, doctors should have medical ethics and humanities, which require extreme enthusiasm for patients and their technical excellence. Secondly, doctors and patients should communicate with each other. Furthermore, patients should know more knowledge of medicine. Besides, the government should provide more legal protection to help balance the doctor-patient relationship.

Although we have a long way to go, we have reasons to believe that the doctor-patient relationship in China is gradually improving.