1. D) It has got one of its injured.

2. C) Its videos were posted on social media.

3. A) The distance travelled.

4. B) Gas consumption is soaring.

5. B) He helps a stranger to carry groceries to his car.

6. C) He raised a large sum of money for him.

7. A) He works hard to support his family.

8. A) Attend an economics lecture

9. C) Attend his brother’s birthday party

10. D) Join him in his brother’s birthday celebration

11. B) By train

12. A) Taking a vacation abroad.

13. C) Working part time as a waiter.

14. B) Save enough money..

15. A) He has rich sailing experience.

16. D) She was also a Nobel Prize winner.

17. B) She developed X-ray facilities for military hospitals.

18. A) Both died of blood cancer.

19. C) They discovered Iceland in the ninth century.

20. D) It was a rocky mass of land covered with ice.

21. A) Thee Viking’s ocean explorations.

22. C) Dream about the future.

23. B) Change what he has for his past imaginary world.

24. D) International business.

25. B) Be content with what you have.