Everyone knows that the road to success is not that plain sailing,When we want to change or achieve something,a new difficulty has arisen.The difficulty is setback.
       Some people may be think that setback is bad for people.They believe that these setbacks may cause serious mental problems.But I am convinced that it is a great help.It goes side by side with success. It inspires people to overcome hardships and difficulties and achieve the final success. As a matter of fact, we cannot always hope to acquire success and never accept failure. And more importantly, only if we learn from many a failure can we do things better and finally overcome .Setback thus is part of our life experience. It is a test of our courage when it befalls us. If we let it control us, we may fall into the abyss of being inflicted by serious psychological problems. But if we harness it and take it as experience, we may enjoy the fruits of victory.