Section 1 -Spot dictation

How did the Olympic Games start? In ancient Greece, athletic festivals were very important and have strong religious associations. Originally, the festival was held in honor of Zeus, the supreme God in Greek mythology. Eventually, the Olympian athletic festival had lost its local and national characters and became an international event. No one knows exactly how far back the Olympic Games go, but some scholars recorded date from 776 BC. According to some scholars, at first, the only Olympic event was 200-yard dash, called a stadium and that was the only event until 724BC. After that, other field events were added and 16 years later in 708BC, the pentathlon was added and wrestling became part of the Games. This Pentathlon was a five-event match, which consisted of running, wrestling, leaping, throwing the discus and hurling the javelin.

The Games were held every four years and after an uninterrupted history of 1170 years, the Games were abolished in AD394, the Christen era, because of the pagan origin. It was over 1500 years before there was another such international athletic gathering.

In 1896, the first of the modern summer games opened in Athens, Greece. Nowadays the Games are held in different countries in turn. The host country provides vast facilities, such as stadiums and living accommodation. Many more sports are represented, including the very celebrated event, the marathon races. The Olympics start with the arrival in the stadium of a torch , lighted on Mount Olympics by the sun's rays. The torch is carried by a succession of runners to the stadium. The Olympic flam symbolizes the continuation of the ancient Greek athletic ideals and it burns throughout the Games until the closing ceremony. The well-known Olympic flag, however, is a modern conception. The five interlocking rings symbolize the uniting of all five continents, participating in the Games.

Section 1-Part B Statement

Sentence No. 1

Diana is working as a sales person for an insurance company this summer. It is a tough job, and she gets to be outdoors from time to time, but the pay is descent.

Sentence No. 2

Please don't get annoyed over what I said now; I'm just worried about the delay. In no way do I blame you for what happened. You have tried your best.

Sentence No. 3

Mrs. Green called the after-sales service agency and had her almost new refrigerator repaired for free because it's still under warrantee.

Sentence No. 4

George is a true pal; he is ready to offer any kind of assistance whenever you are in need. Friends like him are few and far between!

Sentence No. 5

Unless the whole production cost could be reduced to a reasonable limit, the company would have to double its budget by next year.

Sentence No. 6

If the goods could not arrive in time for the Christmas rush, good quality and competitive price would mean nothing at all.

Sentence No. 7

Well, I am sure we can work something out, but it's almost dinner time. I suggest we come back tomorrow, say 9 o'clock to continue the talk.

Sentence No. 8

If our products are to compete on the international market, advanced technology is a key element. The higher the technology, the better the products, and the greater the competitiveness.

Sentence No. 9

The fact that Mr. Parkinson is a high ranking CEO doesn't mean that he can advice you about finance and investment questions.

Sentence No. 10

In this county, the total number of people over 65 years old is 23 million today, but it will swell to 45 million by the year 2020.

Talks and Conversations


Now , you are looking for an flat in this area, correct?

 Yeah, that's right.

 And, how much are you prepared to pay?

 Well, I can pay up to six hundred pounds a month if I have to.

 Well, there are some very reasonable apartments for around five hundred pounds.

 Are there?

 It depends on the size, of course. We have flats that can't be rented for only four hundred pounds a month. What size did you have in mind? I mean how many bedrooms? How much space, ect. , do you need?

 We need at least three bedrooms, as we have two children and my mother-in-law lives with us. She is a widow now and can't stand living alone, you know.

 Well, I've got just the place for you, a nice flat near Station Street.

 Oh, yes, I know Station Street quite well. It's very convenient for transportation and shopping.

 It's handy to almost everything. Very good position indeed.

 Now, how big is this house? How many rooms are there?

 There are seven including the bathroom.

 Sounds like there is plenty of room, all right? But just a minute, how much is the rent?

 And that's the best part. It's only four hundred and fifty pounds a month. Would you like me to run you around.

Why not? Sounds like just what I'm looking for.

 Yeah, could be your lucky day.


11. How much is the man going to pay for the flat?

12. What does the man know about the Station Street?

13. Why does the man need a flat with three bedrooms?

14. According to the woman, what is the best part of the flat at issue?


Will you enjoy a cup of orange juice every morning? My advice is please make sure that you do so. Orange juice is an integral part of a healthy diet. Today the flavor of orange is the world's third favorite flavor next to chocolate and vanilla. As a common kind of fruits, the orange has additional nutritional contents than other citrus fruits. The major nutritional content in oranges is vitamin C. As a whole, the vitamin C content in orange fruits can keep your immune system strong and healthy. Another nutritional content in oranges is calcium. It can ensure strong teeth and bone. Calcium also supports to maintain a healthy blood pressure level. Calcium in oranges also assists for a healthy muscle function. The health benefits of the orange never end here. A daily glass of orange juice can help prevent the recurrence of kidney stones, better that other citrus fruit juices, such as lemonade. The fiber in the orange reduces high cholesterol level in the body. The natural food sugar, fructose in the orange controls the rising blood sugar levels after a meal. So next time you go to a supermarket or dine in a restaurant, make sure that you buy and have that delicious food as a part of your everyday diet.

15. What is the main idea of this talk?

16. According to the talk, which of the following is the world's first favorite flavor?

17. What is good about vitamin C in the orange?

18. Which of the following assists for a healthy muscle function?


George, as a university student, you've been here for almost a year. Do you miss your home cooking a lot? Or are you getting used to our English food?

Oh there are quite a lot of dishes I miss very much indeed. You see in my country we have a much greater variety of dishes, but I must say English food is much better than I thought it was going to be.

Really, what are your favorite English dishes?

Well, first of all I think the quality of your food is excellent. Your dairy products are so fresh and your meat is usually so tender. For example, the strawberry yoghurt and pork rib chop. And there is so much to choose from (in) the shops.

Yes, but what English dishes do you particularly like? Or don't you like any of them?

Well, I'm a little tired of your fishing chips, and roast beef and Yorkshire pudding is only good when properly cooked at home. I don't like the way you cook your vegetables, either. And...

So you don't really like any of our food, do you?

Oh, no. I didn't say that.


I'm very fond of the steak and kidney pudding you make. And I like your apple pies. You know, all the home-made staff.

It's very nice of you to say so.

And I think your cooked breakfasts are simply marvelous. Nothing like them where I come from.

Question 19

What is the man doing at the moment?

Question 20

What does the man think of the English food?

Question 21

Which of the following statements is true about the man?

Question 22

According to the man, why does he like the steak and kidney pudding so much?


More often than not, I've been asked by my students this question: how can I improve my listening skills? Let me first cite a very common instance of poor listening at this school. You don't know how it happened. You know you were paying attention when your history class started. But somewhere along the way your eyes glazed over and the teacher's voice became a dull hum in the background of your mind. When you finally shook yourself out of your trends, he was asking you a question, "So what happened at Hastings in the year of 1066?" Once again, poor listening has you in hot water. As listeners, we tend to think that the responsibility for a successful communication lies with the person doing the talking. This attitude causes us to become passive listeners. We tolerate distractions, putting up with the noise in the hall for instance instead of getting up to shut the door. And we generally fail to reopen to the speaker's message by asking questions or to remember anything that was said. Effective listeners, on the other hand, play an active role by paying constant attentions, by following the speaker's movement, by taking notes, or by asking questions. Passive listeners are the sponges in the communication sea. Active listeners are their sharks. Good listening is a valuable skill. It is one of the top management skills needed for success in business. Listening is also critical to success in family life and among friends. Good listeners do well in school. They follow directions better and don't waste time wandering what the assignment was. Therefore, becoming an active listener will help you in your relationships with your schoolwork and on the job.

Question 23

What is the main idea of the talk?

Question 24

Which of the following is true about the passive listeners?

Question 25

According to the talk, how can we reopen to the speaker's message?

Question 26

To which of the following does the man compare poor listeners?


W: Recently artist Samuel Cliff and writer Dan Archer took our readers by surprise with their new comment book entitled Tales Up The Forest. With a diverse cast of characters, and a craze story that reflex upon both reality and unreality, Samuel has once again exposed his unique art to a much larger audience. Here in the studio we are happy to have you with us. Samuel, as an artist where have you been, and where are you going?

M: well, I'd like to think that my past as an artist has been an interesting one as far. Stylistically there have been a lot of changes; I started out with a chunky organic brush style, very popular that time. Back then when I did my first book, My Dollar, I had a feeling that comments would just too precious, and I want my work to be bold. I still enjoy working that way. But since then my Interests have changed. Half way through my "Run on the Little Cat", that's my second series, I move towards a more linear style, which is something I always loved. I've been trying a little variations on things out since then, and now I am trying to push towards a more graphic work. I really loved doing color work.

W: I'd say your works have been fully eclectic in tone and story, do you agree?

M: Yeah, eclectic is a good word for it. I try to take on a project that seems interesting to me, I can't imagine working on just one kind of story for the rest of my life.

W: You are, em, for lack of a better term, all-inclusive artist, meaning you usually ink your own pencils and keep you own style, can you stand to be influenced by someone else?

M: I have been influenced by others in the past, and we've all done an outstanding job. It's the nature of collaboration, isn't it? The thing is now I really enjoying having control over the final look of the art work.

W: what is it about the company you've giving it so much of your time and effort as an artist?

M: It's a very nurturing environment. My editors are all open to new ideas. They've encouraged me to push my abilities and grow. It's a great place to be. And I wonder they keep renewing my contract.

Q27: What is the man's job?

Q28: What's the man trying to do now for his works?

Q29: What's the woman's comment about the man's artistic works?

Q30: What does the man say about the company with whom he has contracts?

Sentence Translation

1、 Most people are too anxious during tests. Such anxiety makes them less efficient than normal. As a result, their scores are much lower than they expected.

2. The office of Mr. Arthur Tiger, the prominent industrialist, was broken into during the weekend. A small amount of money was taken and the office itself was left in a terrible mess.
著名实业家阿瑟 泰格的办公室周末遭劫,少量现金失窃,办公室内一片狼藉。

3. A job interview works both ways. On the one hand, employers measure shortlisted candidates during the conversation. On the other, prospective employees can decide whether the job in question is right for them.

4. The stock exchange index was 998 in June, 2005. Yesterday, it reached 5, 960 which is the highest in history and almost 6 times higher than 2 year ago.
股票指数在2005年6月是998. 昨天,达到5,960. 这是历史最高峰,股指比两年前升了六倍。
5. By far, the most serious economic problem in Britain is that of inflation, now being accelerated by overheated investment in capital and property and threatened further by a possible wage explosion.

Passage translation

1. Water is great medicine needed to maintain a healthy body and a clear mind. About 60%of your body is water and you must constantly resupply it. The standard recommendation is to drink at least 8 glasses a day. When you are exercising, your need even more water because you are sweating and losing water. Of course, warm temperatures also increase water loss. Just walking for an hour on a warm day may increase your requirement by 2 glasses or more.
2. Some people might think that being a foreign student is an easy task to do. It is not true. We live between two worlds. One, a world of memories, a world of the past where we get our strength to deal with the difficulties of growing up to and adapting to new places, a world that nobody here knows. Two, a world of the present, strange and unfamiliar. A world where only we can take care of ourselves. A world where the rules and values are so different from the ones I was born to.






With the successful launch of its first lunar probe, China has realized its millennial dream of flying to the moon, ushered in the new era of entering the space and exploring the mystery of universe, which marks China's access to the ranking of the world's advanced countries capable of probing the moon. It constitutes the milestone of China to promote independence and innovation and to build a country of innovation, the historic advance of China in the conquest of the world's scientific and technological peak, the momentous contribution of China to world peace and human utilization of outer space. All the Chinese people are overwhelmed with pride in the glorious achievement of our great country!