Section 5 SAQ答案

1.He is a Dallas-based entrepreneur, who used to be a marketing expert and real estate developer. He started energy-efficient business by managing to build his house in Dallas to be an energy-efficient one.

2. Currency Energy, launched by Joe Harberg to provide needed expertise about energy efficiency, is a retail store selling ultra efficient air conditioners, tankless water heaters and electric votive candles. It's major business is provide the energy assessment for homeowners.

3. Because achieving energy efficiency in home needs more efforts, such as preventing heat loss by improving attic installation. In the mean time, energy efficiency should also be holistic, with installations, appliances, lighting and clean electricity all working together.

4. Carlo Ratti conducted an experiment on the concept of globalization. His research illustrates how international phone calls and data traffic travel between New York and more than 200 countries. He came to the conclusion that phone calls and data flows are good indicators of how the world is organizing itself, which contradicts the traditional abstract concept of globalization.

5. Maps of communications can be applied in the airline industry, because it looks for ways to better understand the degree of "connectedness" between cities.

6. Globalization's losers are those countries who are left behind the globalization. So the telecommunications infrastructure can help them enjoy the benefits of globalization by nudging their folks running towards wealth and achieving democracy as well.

7."hit-driven business" means that the studios can only make money when the films they produce are blockbusters. Many studios at first can make some profitable movies but later lapse into some common and dull ones.

8.As the co-chairs of the studio, Gianopulos argues that we can be ingenious in film making, but we can never ignore the costs in making films for the purpose of earning profit for the company.

9.Fox take some measures to control the costs of making films such as the limit of expensive rewriting, the absence of hiring household directors and the control of budgets.

10.To illustrate the statement, the author listed some hit smallest films such as Little Miss Sunshine and the latest triumph Juno with $7.5 million cost and $135 million-plus profit.