A South Korean woman who suffered repeated sexual harassment at work will be awarded compensation, the state workers' welfare agency said in a landmark ruling which acknowledged her suffering amounted to a work-related injury.

sexual harassment: 性骚扰

work-related injury: 工伤

Saturday's judgment marked the first time that suffering caused by sexual harassment has been classed as a workplace injury, and many other victims are now likely to file similar appeals with the agency, the Yonhap news service reported.

According to the Korea Workers' Compensation and Welfare Service, the woman, whose name was withheld for reasons of privacy, had suffered from unwelcome sexual advances from two men at her company since 2009.


advance: 求爱;接近

The woman, who worked at an autoparts maker in the southwestern city of Asan for the past 14 years, was repeatedly groped, and also received lewd text messages.

lewd: 猥亵的;下流的

A medical document said she was suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder, experiencing intrusive recollections of the harassment, showed exaggerated startle response and suffered from a sleep disorder.

post-traumatic stress disorder: 创伤后紧张症;外伤性神经症

startle response: 吃惊反应

The National Human Rights Commission earlier recommended that the two male officials should pay a total of nine million won (US$7,725) in compensation.
The victim will be paid for her medical expenses and receive other financial compensation, the welfare agency said.