· Full vessels sound least. 大智若愚。
· First impressions are half the battle. 先入为主。
· Faith moves mountains. 精诚所至,金石为开。
· Fact is stranger than fiction. 大千世界,无奇不有。
· Fire proves gold, adversity proves man. 烈火识真金,逆境识英雄。
· Fire and water are good servants, but bad masters.水能载舟,亦能覆舟。

· Give everyone his due. 一视同仁。
· Good (or Great) wits jump. 英雄所见略同。
· Go while the going is good. 三十六计,走为上计。
· Great weights hang on small wires.千钧一发。
· Good wine needs no bush 酒香不怕巷子深。
· Greatest genius often lies concealed.大智若愚。
· Grasp all, lose all.贪多必失。
· Go to the sea, if you would fish well.不入虎穴,焉得虎子。

· Honour to whom honour is due.论功行赏。
· He travels the fastest who travels alone. 曲高和寡。
· Heaven helps those who help themselves. 求人不如求己。
· He sits no sure that sits too high. 高处不胜寒。
· He who would hang his dog gives out first that it is mad. 欲加之罪,何患无词。
· He who laughs at crooked men should need walk very straight. 正人先正己。
· He who would climb the ladder must begin at the bottom. 千里之行,始于足下
· He that respects not is not respected. 欲受人敬,要先敬人。
· It is a silly fish that is caught twice with the same bait. 智者不上两次当
· Humility often gains more than pride.满招损,谦受益。
· He is eloquent enough for whom truth speaks.事实胜于雄辩。
· He that promises too much means nothing. 轻诺者寡信。
· He who would hang his dog gives out first that it is mad. 欲加之罪,何患无词。
· Hard words break no bones. 忠言逆耳利于行。
· Haste makes waste. 忙乱易错。欲速则不达。
· He that runs fastest gets the ring. 捷足先登。

· It is six of one and half a dozen of the other. 彼此彼此。
· If one sheep leaps over the ditch, all the rest will follow. 榜样的力量是
· It is a poor mouse that has only one hole. 狡兔三窟。
· Ill news never comes too late. 好事不出门,坏事传千里。
· It is the first step that is troublesome. 万事开头难。

· Justice has long arms. 天网恢恢,疏而不漏。

· Knowledge is a treasure, but practice is key to it. 实践得真知。
· Keeping is harder than winning. 创业不易,守业更难。
· Knowledge is no burden. 艺不压身。
· Kiss and be friends. 握手言和。
· Kill two birds with one stone. 一箭双雕

· Let's cross the bridge when we come to it.既来之,则安之。
· Love is blind. 情人眼里出西施。
· Little chips light great fires. 星星之火,可以燎原。
· Like knows like. 惺惺相惜。
· Live and learn. 学无止境。

· Merry meet, merry part. 好聚好散。
· Mind acts upon mind. 心有灵犀一点通。

· Nothing comes wrong to a hungry man.饥不择食
· No cross, no crown.不吃苦中苦,难为人上人。
· Nothing is easier than fault-finding. 站着说话不腰痛。
· No weal without woe. 福兮祸所伏, 祸兮福所倚。
· No work, no money. 不劳无获。
· Never too late (or old) to learn. 活到老,学到老。
· Never judge by appearances. 切莫以貌取人。
· No fire without smoke. 无风不起浪。