Irish Prime Minister Brian Cowen has resigned his position as the leader of the country's majority Fianna Fail Party, but will remain the nation's leader until a March 11th Parliamentary election.

Brian Cowen, Irish Prime Minister, said, "I'm concerned that renewed internal criticism of my leadership of Fianna Fail is deflecting attention from these important debates. Therefore, taking everything into account, and having discussed the matter with my family, I have decided on my own counsel, to step down as president of Fianna Fail, and leader of Fianna Fail. My intention now is to concentrate fully on government business, and on continuing to implement the recovery plan."

Cowen's move comes after a week of political turmoil that brought his coalition government to the brink of collapse. He said his resignation could help him focus purely on the immediate task of passing two pieces of legislation, aimed at cutting the country's deficit, part of the deal Ireland struck while securing an emergency credit loan from the EU and IMF. He said Fianna Fail will elect a new leader within days, to prepare for the coming election.


Irish Prime Minister:爱尔兰总理
Brian Cowen:布赖恩·考恩
Fianna Fail Party:共和党
Parliamentary election:议会选举
taking…into account:把……考虑进去,考虑到
step down:辞职
political turmoil:政治动荡
coalition government:联合政府
credit loan:信用贷款