A: The palace museum is almost 600-years of history, and has numerous invaluable treasures. It was put on the world cultural heritage list in 1987. It is one of the world’s grandest and the most visited museums. Now as the head of this great museum, how do you feel about your job and what have you done to keep its glory?



the most visited museums.这一词组处理为参观人数最多的,为visit增加了一个宾语,值得注意的是,汉英翻译当中可以借鉴这种办法,相应的减少动词宾语,显得地道而紧凑。

B: 我生于北京,从小一直住在北京,对北京、北京历史文物有十分深厚的感情,我也为北京的文物感到自豪,我的首要责任就是要保护故宫的历史文物,将故宫里所有的文化遗产都保留下来,连同它们所携带的历史信息和价值。

I was born in Beijing and lived here since I was young. Therefore, I had a deep-felt feeling toward this city and its cultural relics. I was very proud about those relics and it is my primary responsibility to protect and the relics in the palace museum so as to keep all the cultural heritages together with their historical information and values. 


“我的首要责任就是要保护故宫的历史文物,将故宫里所有的文化遗产都保留下来,连同它们所携带的历史信息和价值。” 这个句子的难点主要在于联系,在翻译过程当中,加入了,so as to和together with,这样就形成了一个完整句子。

A: you are right. We should be indeed careful not to change the historical information conveyed by cultural heritage. Cultural relics should be regarded in that entirety and both movable and immovable relics should be protected. But how does the museum manage to balance the heritage preservation andeconomic development?






The relic preservation and economic development are not necessarily exclusive to each other. As the cultural relics are non-renewable, they have to be taken good care of. In the meantime, their economic values can also be properly utilized. To achieve this goal, we hosted various exhibitions. To arouse the interest of more young audience, we created digital products including an APP called “a day of an emperor” and also designed websites with animations.


“保护文化遗产和经济发展不一定相互排斥”这里使用了,are not necessarily exclusive to each other这样的表达,学生要注意在汉英过程当中,很多动词都可以转化成英语的形容词,平时要积累这种富于表现力的形容词,在翻译的过程当中有意识的进行运用,能够取得良好的效果。

A: during china’s rapid urbanization process, the conflicts between heritage protection and development has become acute.  There is news about some local officials who are ignorant of cultural value and hungry for short term economic and political benefits. They allow historical sites to be sold to property developers. As a result, traditional buildings are destroyed. And intangible benefits are lost forever. What do you think about it?



这个段落当中同样是对于听力的考验比较高,一个是acute一词,另一个是,allow historical sites to be sold,由于朗读者速度比较快,而且存在一定的吞音现象,学生需要做出准确的判断。

Intangible benefits:无形资产,随着中国经济的不断发展,一些与经济相关的专业词汇也慢慢进入了口译领域,要求学生及时的积累和总结。

B: 实际情况的确比较严重。2013年的一次全国文物调查发现,有4万多个不可移动的文物已经消失,其中一半是地方经济发展造成的,不过我认为这种情况正在改变,国家出台了相关的法律法规,习近平主席做出指示文物工作要贯彻保护为主,合理利用,加强管理的方针,要求各级政府切实加大文物保护力度。

The current situation is relatively stern. According to a national survey on the relics, more than 40,000 immovable relics have disappeared. Half of the losses are caused by the development of local economy. However, I believe the situation is getting better as the country has issued related laws and regulations in this regard.