1. It was requested that all of the equipment ____in the agreed time.
A. erected B. would be erected  C. be erected D. will be erected

2. The man sitting opposite me smiled dreamily, as if ____ something pleasant in the past.
A. to remember B. remembered  C. having been remembered D. remembering

3. I ____ him the Christmas gift by mail because he came home during the Christmas holidays.
A. ought to have sent B. couldn’t have sent C. must have sent D. needn’t have sent

4. It turned out that the children were not ____for the accident.
A. to blame B. to be blamed  C. to be blaming D. to have been blamed

5. The desegregation was achieved through a number of struggles,____been mentioned in previous chapters.
A. a few of which B. a few of them  C. a few of those D. a few of that

6. Setting up a committee might be a way____the project more efficiently.
A. to be doing B. doing C. to do D. being done

7. It____to see so many children in that mountainous area cannot even afford elementary education.
A.pains her B. makes her pain  C. is paining D. is pained

8. Our boss, Mr. Thompson,____a raise in salary for ages, but nothing has happened yet.
A.was promising B. has been promising  C. promised D. has promised

9. He was determined to sail around the world ____his illness and old age.
A. given B. although C. despite D. in spite

10. The board deemed it’s urgent that these invitations ____ first thing tomorrow morning.
A. had to be put in the mail  B. must be put in the mail
C. be put in the mail  D. should have been put in the mail

11.____drills that have no real topic have to remainas they are.
A. Manufacture B. Manipulative  C. Manipulate D.Manifest

12. This book has been in the works so long that I have lost ____of most of the sources found for me by the staff of the library.
A. trace B. trail C. track D. touch

13. The elbows on your coat have worn thin, so I must ____them.
A. mend B. patch C. repair D. pitch

14. ____and wage increases have not kept in step.
A. Production B. Product  C. Produce D. Productivity

15. People under stress have performed____feats of strength, like lifting an automobile off an accident victim.
A. specific B. extraordinary C. abrupt D. abnormal

16. Modern appliances____us from a good deal of household work.For instance, the dryer frees us from hanging the laundry.
A.escape B . benefit C. liberate D. comfort

17. The audience waited in____silence while their aged speaker searched among his note for the figures he could not remember.
A. respective B. respect C. respectful D. respectable

18. The disappearance of her paper has never been ____.
A. counted for B. looked up  C.accounted for D. checked up

19. When he was asked about the missing briefcase, the man ____ever seeing it.
A. refused B. denied C. opposed D. resisted

20. Communication between a young couple is a(n)____business.
A. sharp B. dreadful C. intense D. delicate

21. After so many weeks without rain, the ground quickly ____ the little rain that fell last night.
A. skipped B. soaked C. retrieved D. absorbed

22. We’ll ____you as soon as we have any further information.
A. notify B. signify  C. communicate D. impart

23. The fox fell into the____the hunters had set forit.
A. bush B. trap C. trick D. circle

24. I don’t know you want to keep the letter. I’ve ____it up.
A. torn B. given C. broken D. disposed

25. The old lady____and fell from the top of the stairs to the bottom.
A. slided B. slipped C. split D. spilled