1. By the end of this year ,I ____enough money for a holiday 
A will save  B will be saving  C will have saved  D have saved

2. I have been studying here for four years,by next summer ____-. 
A shall graduate  B shall be graduated  C shall be graduating  D shall have graduated

3. I hope her health _______greatly by the time we come back next year.
A improves  B improved   C will be improved  D will have improve  

4. “Are yougoing to Richard”s birthday party?„ 
 “Yes.By then I ______my homework..”  
A had finished   B will have finished  C would have finished   D finished 

5. I suppose by the time I come back in ten years‟ time all these old house______down
A will have been pulled   B  will be pulling  C will have pulled  D will be pulled
6. I hope that they ______the road by the time we come back. 
A will have repaired  B would have repaired  
C have repaired   D had repaired
7.By the time you arrive in London,  we ______in Europe for two weeks.  
A   shall stay                   B   will have stayed    
C   have stayed                  D   have been staying 
8. By the year 2010,scientists probably ______a cure for cancer.  
A   will be discovering         B  are discovering  
C   will have discovered        D have discovered 
 Before long,  he ______ all about the matter.  
A will have forgotten      B  forget   C  have forgotten        D  forgot