1.He asked me ___ during the summer holidays. 
A. where I had been  B. where I had gone C. where had I been  D. where had I gone

 2. What ___ Jane ____ by the time he was sever? 
A. did, do     B. has,  done     C did, did.    D. had,  done

3. I ___ 900 English words by the time I was ten。 
A. learned     B. was learning    C. had learned    D. learnt

4. She ___ lived here for ___ years. 
A. had, a few   B. has, several   C. had, a lot of   D. has, a great deal of

5. By the time my parents reached home yesterday, I ___ the dinner already.
A had cooked    B. cooked    C. have cooked    D. was cooked

6. She said she ____ the principle already 
A .has seen    B. saw    C. will see    D. had seen 

7. She said her family____ themselves ____ the army during the war. 
A. has hidden, from  B. had hidden, from  
C. has hidden, with D. had hidden, with
8. By the time he was ten years old, he _____. 
A. has completed university            B. has completed the university
C. had completed an university         D. had completed university
9. She had written a number of books ___ the end of last year.
A. for         B. in          C. by          D. at  
10. He ___ to play ____ before he was 11 years old. 
A had learned, piano                       B. had learned, the piano  
C. has learned, the piano                   D. learns ,piano. 
 A D C A A     D B D C B