(1)The police found that the house _______and a lot of things_________.  
A. has broken into, has been stolen  B. had broken into, had been stolen  
C. has been broken into, stolen    D. had been broken into, stolen  

(2)By the end of this century, we__ ours into a strong modern country.  
  A. will build    B. had built   C. have built    D. will have built  
(3)We _________the work by six yesterday evening.  
  A. finished     B.would finish  C. had finished   D. had been finished  
(4)I _________to help you but couldn’t get here in time.  
  A. want       B. had wanted   C. have wanted    D. was wanting  
(5) Mrs. Wu told me that her sister___________.  
  A. left about two hours before     B. would leave about two hours before  
  C. has left about two hours ago    D. had left about two hours before  
(6)When I reached home, my parents __________their supper.  
  A.are having              B.have already had  
  C.have had              D. had already had  
(7)It seems that the old man _________something important.  
  A.has lost      B. had lost    C. lost       D. would lose  
 (8)She __________in this school ________the past ten years.  
  A.was teaching, since         B. had been teaching, since  
  C.would teach, for          D. has been teaching, for  
(9)Did you see Xiao Li at the party? No, ______by the time I arrived.
 A.she’d left    B.she's left    C. She was left    D.she must leave
(10)The job proved to be much more difficult than I______.  
  A. expect      B.expected     C. would expect    D.had expected
 (1)—(5)D D C B D     (6)—(10)D A D A D