1. The man ___A_____ his coat and went out. 
A. put on         B. had put on       C. will put on        D. was putting on 

2 My mother_____ in that factory at the age of 18. 
A. had worked   B. has worked   C. worked   D. works
3. Dad ________ while he _______ TV. 
A .fell asleep…watch              B. was falling asleep…watched    
C. fell asleep……was watching      D. had fallen asleep…watched 
4. Han Mei told me she _____lunch, so she was very hungry.  
 A has had   B hasn't have   C have had  D hadn't had  
5. By the end of 1976, many buildings _____built in the city.  
 A have been   B have   C had been  D will   
6. She _____her keys in the office so she had to wait until her husband ____home.  
 A has left; comes   B had left; would come   C had left; came   D left; had come   
7. He said that it was at least ten years since I _____a good drink.  
 A had enjoyed   B was enjoying   C have enjoyed   D have been enjoying  
8. The meeting _____when Mr. Wang _____to school.  
 A has begun; get  B has been on; get  C had begun; got  D had been on; got