11. What _______ Annie ____ by the time he was ten? 
A. did, do         B. did, did        C. has, done         D. had done  

12 .He __ in the factory for three years before he joined the Army. 
A. has worked      B. works         C. had worked        D. will work

13. By the end of last week, they ____ the bridge. 
A. has completed    B. completed     C. will complete      D. had completed 

14. Ben hates playing _____ violin,  but he likes playing ____ football.
A. a…the          B. the… the       C. / …the           D. the…/
15. By the time he was 4,  he _____ a lot of German words.
 A. had learned      B. has learned     C. learned           D. learns  
16 .Jim turned off the lights and then _____ the classroom. 
A. was left         B. had left        C. has left           D. left
 17.They _________ in Guangzhou since 2000. 
A. lived           B. had lived        C. have lived        D. were living
18. The train from Beijing_______ ten minutes ago. 
A. has arrived      B. was arriving      C. arrived          D. had arrived
19. The students _________ their classroom when the visitors arrived.
A . have cleaned   B. had cleaned  C. was cleaned    D. have been cleaned 
20. Fergie_______ the project in one hour. 
A. have finished     B. will finish      C. finishes          D. has finished