1.My brother ___ while he ___ his bicycle and hurt himself.
A. fell, was riding B. fell, were riding
C. had fallen, rode D. had fallen, was riding
2. Tom ___ into the house when no one ___.
A. slipped, was looking B. had slipped, looked
C. slipped, had looked D. was slipping, looked
3.The last time I __ Jane she ___ cotton in the fields.
A. had seen, was picking B. saw, picked
C. had seen, picked D. saw, was picking
4.I don ' t think Jim saw me; he ___ into space.
A. just stared B. was just staring
C. has just stared D. had just stared
5.I first met Lisa three years ago. She ___ at a radio shop at the time.
A. has worked B. was working
C. had been working D. had worked
6.---Hey, look where you are going!
---Oh, I ' m terribly sorry.________.
A. I ' m not noticing B. I wasn ' t noticing
C. I haven ' t noticed D. I don ' t notice
7. The reporter said that the UFO ___ east to west when he saw it.
A. was traveling B. traveled
C. had been traveling D. was to travel
8. I ___ my breakfast when the morning post came.
A. had B. had been having
C. have been having D. was having
9.When I arrived at his office, he ___ on the phone.
A. was speaking B. spoke
C. had been speaking D. had spoken
10. “ What ' s the matter, Ali? You look sad. ”
“ Oh, nothing much. As a matter of fact, I ___ of my friends back home. ”
A. just thought B. have just been thinking
C. was just thinking D. have just thought