1.They____(be) on the farm a moment ago.
2.There____(be)a shop not long ago.
3.Jenny____(not go)to bed until 11:00 o'clock last night.
4.Danny _____(read )English five minutes ago.
5.I _____(see)Li Lei ____(go) out just now.
6.He ____(do)his homework every day. But he __(not do)it yesterday.
7.When I was young, I _____(play)games with my friends.
8.When ____you_____(write)this book?
 I _____it last year.
9.Did he____(have) lunch at home?
10.I _____(eat) the bread, I 'm full now.
答案:1 were 2 was 3 didn't go 4 read 5 saw go 6 does ; didn't do 7 played 8 did write ; wrote 9 have 10 have eaten
1. There ____________ a telephone call for you just now. (be)
2. There __________ not enough people to pick apples that day. ( be)
3. There _____________( be not) any hospitals in my hometown (家乡) in 1940.
4. There ____________ enough milk at home last week, wasn’t there?
5. Eli ____________ to Japan last week. ( move)
6.–When _______ you _________ (come) to china? Last year.
7. Did she ________ (have) supper at home?
8. Jack ____________ (not clean) the room just now.
9. _________ (be) it cold in your city yesterday?
10 How many people ________ (be) there in your class last term?
11. It ________ (be) hot yesterday and most children _______ (be) outside.
12.There ________ (be) a football match on TV yesterday evening, but I _________ (have) no time to watch it.
11.was ,were
一、用to be的适当形式填空
1. What( )in the zoo three years ago ? There( )some monkeys.
2. How( )he this morning? He( ) sick. But now he( )fine.
3. Who( )your first teacher? Miss Fang( ) .
4. I ( )a doctor last year. I( ) a teacher now.
5. I lost my pet. It( )on the sofa at 9:00. It( )at the table at 10:00. Oh, I see it. It( )under the table.
参考答案:1.were were 2.was was to is 3.is is 4.was am 5.was was is