Unit 3 Healthy Life

I. Phrases

1. due to 由于;归功于

2. be/become addicted to 对……有瘾

3. decide on 对……做出决定

4. be/become/grow accustomed to sth./doing sth. 习惯于某事/做某事

5. feel like (doing) 想要(做)

6. in spite of 不管;不顾

7. stand for 支持;代表

8. get (sb.) into (sth.) 陷入;染上坏习惯;进入

get into the way/habit of doing sth. 学成做某事的方法/养成做某事的习惯

9. be ashamed of/that.… 为……感到惭愧/羞愧

be ashamed to do sth. 羞于做某事

10.take off 开除/脱衣/起飞/取消/休假

11.quit (doing) sth. 停止做某事

12.at risk 处在危险之中

take risks(a risk) 冒险

13.manage to do sth. 设法做好/设法办到某事

14.so far 到目前为止(与现在完成时连用)

15.make sure 确定;查明;弄明白

16.prevent sb. (from) doing sth. 阻止某人做某事

17.every time 每次;每当……时

II. Sentences

1. It’s amazing that at my age I am still fit enough to cycle 20 kilometers in an afternoon.


2. I think my long and active life must be due to the healthy life I live.


3. As you know, if you do the same thing over and over again you begin to do it automatically.


4. I didn’t know it could do terrible damage to your heart and lungs or that it was more difficult for smoking couples to become pregnant.


5. I also noticed that I couldn’t run as fast any more and I wasn’t enjoying sport as much..


6. I do hope so because I want you to live as long and healthy a life as I live.


7. You can have HIV in your blood for a long time, but eventually it damages your immune system so much that your body can no longer fight disease.

在你的血液里,HIV病毒可以长期存在,但是它最终会使你的免疫系统严重受 损,以至使你的身体不再能抵抗疾病。

8. It is only when the disease has progressed to AIDS that a person begins to look sick.