What's The Nicest Thing Anyone Has Ever Done For You?


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My parents have hardly been with each other in the past 20 years just for our education.

Being born and brought up in a village, it was my parents dream to educate their children and give us the life they could not get. My mother survived in a city without her husband without knowing how to read or write in English. My father just flew to a foreign country doing the saddest of jobs just so that the highcurrency exchange can help us survive back here. How he survived on just half of his salary only God knows.


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It wasn't THE nicest but I remember it all the time and it's something anyone can do pretty much any day: after sitting for 1 1/2 hours in traffic trying to get over the SF Bay Bridge, the person in front of me paid my toll. They drove off, not looking for any thanks or recognition. I felt great about that for days. Interestingly, returning the favor is even more impactful. So when I'm in a bad mood, I try to pay someone else's "toll" without them knowing who did it.


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Last year I moved to California to be with a guy I thought I was in love with.

Five months later, I spoke with my sister-in-law and told her things weren't working out and I want to come home. My brother Neil called me the next hour to tell me he can pick me up tonight. (We live in Atlanta) I told him tomorrow will be fine.

He was there around 10:00 the next morning. We stayed in a hotel that day and flew back home the following morning.

At first I thought, it's a brotherly thing...nothing special. But after telling my friends and family, and hearing their unexpected responses, I realized I have an exceptional, phenomenal brother.