My darlings, it’s December 25th---Christmas! 无论冬日多么寒冷,圣诞节总是令人翘首以盼的日子。我们问候,团聚,拥抱,亲吻,祝福,对想念的你们说一句:Merry Christmas!

圣诞电影千千万。五彩斑斓的圣诞树,朦胧温暖的街灯,漫天飞舞的雪花,青葱欲滴的雪松,还有幸福洋溢的人们,圣诞电影的主题永远是Love Love Love。今天牧牧给大家奉上自己最喜欢的圣诞电影《真爱至上》,十段各异的真情故事,爱情亲情友情,初恋婚外恋朋友妻,或懵懂,或热烈,或苦涩。全英王牌卡斯为我们编织了一曲最动人的圣诞之歌。

还有什么时候更适合说爱呢?Baby, all I want for Christmas is YOU!

---What the hell are you doing here?
I mean, you're supposed to be at Elton John's.
---Yeah, well, I was there for a minute or two, and then... and then I had an [---1---].
---Well, come on. Just come up.
So, um, what was this [---1---]?
---Um, it was about Christmas.
---You realized it was all around?
---No. I realized that Christmas is the [---2---].
---And...I realized that as dire chance and-and fateful cock-up would have it, here I am ... [---3---]...and without knowing it, I've gone and spent most of my adult life...with a [---4---] employee.
And much as it [---5---] me to say it, it-it might be that the people I, in fact, you.
--- Well, this is a [---6---].
---Ten minutes at Elton John's, you're as gay as a maypole.
---No, look, I'm serious here.I left Elton's, where there were a hefty number...of [---7---] chicks with their mouths order to [---8---] with Christmas.
---Well, Bill...
---It's a terrible, terrible mistake, Chubs. But you [---9---] the fucking love of my life.
And to be honest, despite all my complaining, we have had a wonderful life.
---Well, thank you. I mean, yeah, come on. It's been an honor.
I feel very proud.
---Oh, don't-don't be a [---10---].
Come on. Let's get pissed and watch porn.
epiphany be with the people you love mid-fifties chubby grieves surprise half-naked hang out turn out to be moron
——你到这儿来做什么?你应该在埃尔顿•约翰那里才对呀。 ——嗯,我在那儿呆了一两分钟,然后有所顿悟。 ——真的吗? ——是的。 ——来吧,上来吧。 那么,你有什么领悟? ——嗯,它…它是关于圣诞节的。 ——你意识到了圣诞节到处都是 ——不,我意识到圣诞节是跟你爱的人在一起的时候。 ——对。 ——我还意识到,人生苦短,稍纵即逝。所以我50岁了,我到现在才发现我的大半辈子都是跟胖经纪人在一起。 虽然我很不想这么说可能我爱的人,事实上…是你。 ——这太令人意外了。 ——是啊。 ——在埃尔顿•约翰家里呆了10分钟你就成同性恋了? ——不, 我是认真的。我离开埃尔顿家,放弃了一大群半身赤裸的少女,就为了和你在圣诞节厮混。 ——嗯,比尔… ——这是个错误,很糟糕的错误,胖子…但你是我生命中那他妈的爱人。 老实说,虽然我老是抱怨…我们却一起度过了美好的人生。 ——嗯…谢谢你! 我是说,这是我的荣幸。 我感到非常骄傲。 ——哦,别像个傻子一样。 来吧,让我们喝个醉,然后去看色情片。