Britney Spears' Instagram account is the gift that keeps on giving – and now one of the star's latest creations which was first shared on the social media account has sold for a tidy sum indeed.

In a Britney-esque style Instagram video, the Baby One More time singer continued to give us her signature wardrobe change but this time with an artistic twist.
在布兰妮Instagram发布的视频中,这个以一首《Baby One More time》出名的歌手,让我们发现不光更新了衣橱,还和艺术家较上劲了。

Changing from a perfectly paint-splattered t-shirt to a flowing white dress, Britney got her Mozart on with her water-colored paints on the rather large Grecian terrace of her Thousand Oaks mansion.
从穿着油漆花纹恰到好处的T恤到一袭飘逸的白色连衣裙,布兰妮听着莫扎特,在自家千橡府(Thousand Oaks mansion )前的希腊风格的阳台上,画着水粉画。

Not bad for some. Painting to a backdrop of Mozart's Rondo AllaTurca, the star captioned the post ‘Sometimes you just gotta play!!!!!!’
对于有些人来说还不错,放着莫扎特的Rondo AllaTurca背景音乐,布兰妮发文“有些时候你需要放松玩一玩!!!!“

Turns out a little bit fun can turn into a whole lot of money – if you’re Britney Spears anyway – as the star’s work of art was snapped up by former Lifestyles Of the Rich And Famous host, Robin Leach, who bid on the floral canvas whilst acting as an auctioneer at a charity event.
就是这么一个小小的乐趣能换上一大笔钱,前提是你得是布兰妮,她的这幅画花卉画布作品由,名流大亨的生活方式(Lifestyles Of the Rich And Famous)的前主持人Robin Leach,其同在一场慈善拍卖中担任拍卖师中竞标获得。

The auction in which Leach paid $10,000 (£7,591) for Britney’s artwork, aimed to raise funds for the victims and first responders of the Las Vagas Shooting.

The artwork donation isn’t the only time the 35-year-old has done something big for charity.

Britney has already given away $1million in profits from her Las Vagas Piece Of Me show to finance the Britney Spears Nevada Childhood Cancer Foundation, which opened last week with the star’s help. And for the rest of us, Britney’s ever-popular Instagram fashion shows are like the early Christmas present you won’t get bored of.
布兰妮在拉斯维加斯Piece Of Me演唱会的款项中拨100万美金用于华达州儿童癌症基金会,得益于筹款上周开始。对于我们来说,布兰妮的在Instagram的新动作就像是圣诞节礼物,永远不会让我们觉得厌烦。