I have a radio. Where's it? It's on the desk.


Where's the fridge? It's near the door.

what colour is it? It's white.


Alice,where are your books? They're in my schoolbag.

Where are your books? They're in the bookcase.


Tom,where is my pen? Under the table? No. Under the drawer? No. Where is it, then? Oh,It's there, under the chair.

Happy birthday to you. Thank you! Here is your present for you. Thank you very much!

Let's sing "happy birthday to you".

happy birthday to you!

happy birthday to you!

happy birthday, happy birthday, happy birthday to you!

one, telephone

two, computer

one, a TV a radio and a video.

two, a big white fridge.

one,where's the fridge?

two,where are the shoes?