Unit8 What's in the pizza?


—I like to eat a pizza with some onions. 我喜欢吃里面有洋葱的匹萨


carrots 胡萝卜

peas 豌豆

onions 洋葱


patatoes 土豆

tomatoes 番茄

sausages 香肠


—What's in your bag? 你包里有什么?

—There is a pencil-case and some books. 有一个铅笔盒和一些书。


Carrots are orange. Apples are green. 胡萝卜是橘色的。苹果是绿色的。

Bananas are yellow. Peaches are pink. 香蕉是黄色的。桃子是粉色的。

Tomatoes are red. Coconuts are brown. 土豆是红的。椰子是棕色的。

Grapes are purple and onions are white. 葡萄是紫色的。洋葱是白色的。   


Which one isn't vegetable?