Unit 2 Classroom Olympics


—One,two,three,four,...  1 2 3 4...

—Hop!Hop!Hop!Hop!  跳!跳!跳!

—One,two,three,four,five,...  1 2 3 4 5...

—Up!Up!Down!Down!  上!上!下!下!

—Jump and touch!  跳起来!碰!

—Catch and count!Catch and count!  抛接球!数数!

—Kick and stop!  踢球停在那儿!


paint 绘画  catch 抓

hop 跳    count 计数

run 跑   bounce 弹

draw 画  touch 碰

football足球 badminton羽毛球

baseball排球 basketball篮球


Draw a picture.Bounce the ball.   画一幅画。拍球。

Hop to the blackboard.  跳到黑板处。

Touch the table and count the numbers. 碰桌子然后数数。

Run to the window.  跑到窗那儿。


“跑到窗边”怎么表达?是Run to the door  还是Run to the window?