Fans are once again able to binge Friends to their heart's content thanks to HBO Max, but what if you want to bring a little Friends to your Kitchen? Sure you could literally watch Friends while you eat or just pack your pantry full of Rolos, but if you want something a bit more stylish that still clearly reps your favorite show, Toynk has you covered with their new Friends Central Perk Coffee House Dining Set. The collection is a 3-piece set that features a dinner plate, a dinner bowl, and a coffee mug, and each one features the Central Perk logo with a white and green theme.
《老友记》粉丝要感谢HBO Max,让他们能再一次尽情欣赏这部剧,但要是你想把代表《老友记》的一个小物件带进厨房该怎么办呢?当然你可以边看《老友记》边吃饭或者在食品柜里塞满Rolo巧克力糖,但如果您想找点更时髦的东西,还想让人一眼看出你最喜欢这部剧的话,Toynk为你打造了全新的“《老友记》Central Perk咖啡厅餐具套装”。这一套餐具共三件,有餐盘、碗和咖啡杯。每件都带有白绿色调的Central Perk咖啡厅的标志。

It's the perfect addition to any Friends collection, though as we know from the show, just make sure you don't leave leftovers on the fancy plate because they will be gone when you get back to the table. The set retails $39.99.

The official description can be found below.

- SHARE A MEAL WITH YOUR FRIENDS: Joey doesn't share food but that doesn't mean you can't. This dinnerware set comes straight from Central Perk, the iconic coffeehouse in Friends. Share your favorite meals with your friends over these Central Perk themed dishes!
——和朋友一起吃顿饭:乔伊不和别人一起吃饭,但不代表你不能和别人一起吃。这套餐具就是《老友记》中那个标志性的咖啡厅Central Perk咖啡厅的。和朋友一起用这套Central Perk咖啡厅主题的餐具吃你们最喜爱的美食吧!

- REMINISCE ABOUT YOUR FAVORITE TV COFFEEHOUSE: In nearly every episode of Friends, the group is seen gathered around their large reserved couch seated in the middle of the Central Perk coffee shop. It's only fitting that these dishes serve as a reminder of each hilarious moment.
——回忆你在这部剧中最喜欢的咖啡厅:几乎在《老友记》每一集中,这几个好友都会坐在他们预订的位于Central Perk咖啡厅中间的大沙发上。用这些餐具来回忆每个搞笑时刻再合适不过了。

- ROLLOUT YOUR LOVE FOR FRIENDS AT EACH MEAL: For fans of the series who simply can't get enough Friends, this dinnerware set allows you to enjoy your favorite TV show on a daily basis. Each dish also fits well into any collection of Friends themed collectibles.

- INCLUDES A FULL DINNER SET: This 3-piece dining collection includes one large dinner plate, one dinner bowl, and one drinking mug. Crafted from durable ceramic, these dishes are ideal for anyone looking to enjoy a Friends themed meal or host a Friends dinner party.

- OFFICIAL FRIEND DINNERWARE COLLECTION: For the ultimate Friends fan, this collection of Central Perk dinnerware is a memorable collectible or gift. Enjoy this officially licensed collection in your own home or gift the set to the Friends fan in your life.
——官方发布的《老友记》餐具收藏品:对于《老友记》终极粉丝来说,这套Central Perk咖啡厅餐具收藏套装是令人难忘的收藏品或礼物。你可以在家里摆上这套官方授权的收藏品,或者把它当成礼物送给你身边的《老友记》粉丝。