dear leaders: 


i am a forthcoming xxxx university xx in xx graduate students, the school is a computer professional. 

university for four years, i study hard, the outstanding, have been awarded scholarships. mentorship in the strict lessons and individual efforts, i have a solid foundation of knowledge. in terms of software, systems have c language, data structure, power builder, database theory, assembly language, software engineering and object-oriented, such as delphi and vc have a certain understanding of windows programming. i also had extra-curricular learning vb, vf programming, asp and sql server dynamic pages, such as web-based database programming language. has been prepared by an independent professional database management system. in terms of hardware, through its participation in single-chip design, assembly of the radio, network planning and management projects and the formation of such practice, i have a computer and the working principle of the principle of computer network technology. 

into the school since, i take full advantage of a wide range of spare time to participate in social practice. college information in our school computer lab to work two years, not only the professional skills i have been raised, but also the management and organization, i will be able to play and further training, leadership and teachers received recognition and praise. moreover, science and technology in europe and asia have some of the company's work experience, i have some marketing experience and social experience, and outstanding performance. in addition, at school, i also made home, the practice of social surveys and other social activities, and accumulated a wealth of practical experience. 
if fortunate enough to join, i can dedicated to your company's software development, or at any time in accordance with the needs of the company is committed to a work and learning. 

"soon come, come against, i dust free" is my motto; "immersive an abyss, treading on thin ice" is the attitude of my work; "sincere, and trustworthy" is my most prominent feature; an open mind has given me many friends. smart-minded, creative thinking, and pioneering spirit of tenacity, coupled with sophisticated professional skills, i believe i am the best choice for you. 

please give me a chance, i will also you to eye-catching glory. 

thank you for your patience in reading my cover letter, such as the need for detailed information, please contact me.