dear sir/madam:

hello!i sincerely thank you, in the busy taking the time to read my cover letter.

i am a civil engineering hohai university, nanjing institute of engineering mechanics graduate professional XX session will be graduating in june XX and would like to become south africa institute of survey and design one, would like to recommend their own.

four years in undergraduate and graduate students sent a three-year period, the spirit of "hard work and plain living, seek truth from facts and strict requirements, the courage to explore the" motto of the strict demands on themselves, study hard, work conscientiously, outstanding performance, year after year scholarship, and actively participate in social practice. systematic study of a wide range of expertise to engage in a lot of books, continually expand the knowledge and social experience and actively participate in production and research.

myputer and a good standard of through theputer two countries can be skilled to use vb, vc, fortran programming language, and the preparation of students and their many practical procedures; can skilled use of autocad, ansys, flac, abaqus and other specialized software. english through the college english test 4, the reading proficiency can bepared to industry data.

while studying at the school learning and life, so i know how to truth-seeking, innovation, unity, and is a career ahead of the first prerequisite. if fortunate enough to become a member of your organization, i will work diligently, get down to work, continuous learning in practice, give full play to their initiative and creativity to make every effort for the development.

again, thank you for reading this letter and look forward to your early reply, thank you!

business unitsthriving achievements!