Business Administration Major

Kunming Second Commercial School

34 Cui E.Rd.,Kunming 650020

June 28,1998

Mr.Wen Qiming

Manager of Marketing Department

K&H (Chinese-Foreign Joint Ventures)Market

56 Huagang N.Rd.,Kunming 650033

Dear Mr.Wen,

Ms. Huang Lijia of your company has told me that your dept needs a manager assistant,and I wish to apply for the position. I will graduate from commercial school next month. My outstanding record at school and some experience in business has prepared me for the work you are calling for.

I am really interested in learning business practice,and also a diligent worker and a fast learner. If given a chance, I am sure I can prove my worth in your company.

I will be available during the weekdays in the morning for any interviews you may want to give. Enclosed is my resume,and hoping for your immediate reply.

Sincerely yours,