Respect leadership:


Thank you for reading this letter, please allow me to offer one's own services.

My name is * *, studying at the Weifang College of economics and trade, international financial graduates, rigorous, pragmatic, truth-seeking, hard work is my study and work style.

I read your company's recruitment information, I think I can be competent for this job. Because this position is closely related to my major. The university three years, I read the business management, the professional courses in marketing, market research, economics, economic law, basic accounting, statistics, management basis. At the same time but also to learn English, Marx philosophy, legal basis of public course.

Now, enter the society, can not simply rely on the stand and survive, those simple investment knowledge has been unable to meet their own, hoping to learn more knowledge, I hope you can give me a chance, I believe in our unremitting efforts, will make due contributions to the development of your company.

Look forward to hearing from you, bring me good news, please accept my sincere gratitude:

Sincerely wish you success, wish your company brilliant prospects!

Yours faithfully,