Dear Sir:

I wish to apply for the position of Chief engineer assistant advertised in today¡¯s Dalian Daily.I feel I am competent to meet the requirement which you have specified.

I am twenty-five years of age. After graduation from Zhengzhou University, I was enrolled in Dalian University of Technology in the fall 20xx.The sudden chages of living and studying didn¡¯t give me too much trouble. I finish my Master¡¯s degree in one year with satisfactory grades.

I belive I am intelligent and quick to learn. Although I lack of formal working experiences,I am sharp to grasp the key points, also I am very dedicated to what I do.I am ready for the challenges.

(I have permission to refer you toProf. Ji Zhou, for statements as to my character and ability.)

I hope you will give me a chance to talk to you personally and to answer any questions you may have about my suitability for the post. Salary consideration is seondary to me in view of the opportunity this position offers.I am sure we can arrive at a satisfactory arrangement during the interview.

(I should welcome a personal interview at your convenient.)

Yours sincerely