Name: **
nationality: China
At present location: nanhai national: the han nationality
The registered permanent address locus: nanhai figure: 172 cm, 65 kg
Education background
Graduate school: jingmen college
The highest degree: college degree: no graduation date: the 2012-06-01
Major one: mechanism process and equipment major 2:
Language ability
Language: good English
Mandarin level: excellent cantonese level: excellent
Job objective and work experience
Talent type: ordinary job
  Applied position: industrial/product design, electronics/electrical/semiconductor/instrumentation, engineering/mechanical draftsman:
Term: the title: no title
Job type: full-time available date: a month
Monthly salary requirement: more than 20000 hope work areas: foshan foshan guangzhou
Work experience:
Company name: guangdong Iraq made pu electric appliance co., LTD
Start-stop years: 2011-07
The company properties: a sino-foreign joint venture by sector: communication/telecom/network equipment
In the position of: minister
Job description: responsible for the development of new products, such as structure design, product development process of follow-up, product cost price, cost reduction plan proposal, new material experiment and adopted, the early market research and innovation technology development, the department personnel management, etc.