Name: Mr. Lin
Sex: Male
Ntional: Han
Date of birth: January 1986
Marital status: unmarried
Height: 170cm
Weight: 72kg
Residence: Jiangxi Jingdezhen
Phone: 123456789
  Is the location: Fujian, Fuzhou
  Graduate school: Jiang industry Jiangxi Vocational and Technical College
  Education: Vocational
  Professional Name: Mechatronics
  Year of Graduation: 2005
Work experience: more than five yearsSupreme

Title: Senior Title
Job intentions
The nature of jobs: full-time
Post Category: Craft - fitter / mechanic
Job Title: mechanic;
Work areas: Xiamen, Fujian;
Treatment requirements: 2000-3000 Yuan / month may be negotiable; the need to provide housing
Reported for duty time:
Skills expertise
Language Ability: English 0;
Computer level: 2
Education and training
Educational Background: Time's school education
September 2002 - June 2005 Vocational and Technical College Jiangxi Vocational Industrial
March 2007 - December 2008 Jiangxi Radio & TV specialist
Training experience: the training time for the theme of the training institutions
October 2006 - Jiangxi Province in October 2007 the Office of Labor and Social Security, Mechatronics
Work experience
Company: Jiangxi Polyester Factory
Time frame: 2002 10 months - in August 2008
Company nature: state-owned enterprises
Industry: machine building, electrical and mechanical equipment, heavy
Hold office for: Mechanic - fitter / mechanic
Job Description: Nanchang in Jiangxi Province since 2002.9 "polyester plant in Jiangxi Province" (Jiangxi Special Fiber Co., Ltd. Long-peng) preservation of machine repair. Workshop Mission branch. Include an internship in the company's nearly 6 years, quickly eliminated the original mechanical improvements, maintenance and renovation to add that since the implementation of contract system, the operating efficiency of the original workshop of 69 to 89 now. Efforts to meet the plant party committee. Communist Youth League to carry out the training of new employees. Innovation. and the development of outstanding members of the Communist Youth League. I have a solid type electrical machinery maintenance, maintenance. Repair practices. A number of mid-day study, such as technology. Note: due to my technical school students during the orientation for the staff of state-owned enterprises. Therefore, to study the program for the practice and theory. So the school has saved a considerable period of rich experience.
A. has strong management experience. Organizational capacity.
B. solid type electrical machinery maintenance, maintenance. Repair practices.
C. having been good at verbal ability, interpersonal skills to deal with, have better sales and operational capacities.
d. adaptable. hard. strictly follow the leadership and distribution arrangements.