1、(a)软弱、羞怯的:If you think Ican fill the position after you have read my letter,I shall be glad to talk with you.读完此信后倘您认为敝人可补缺,敝人愿和您一谈。

(b)改写后(较佳):If my application has convinced you of my ability to satisfy you,I should welcome the opportunity to talk  with you,so that you may judge my personal qualifications further.

2、(a)怀疑,不妥、不安全的:If you're interested,let me know immediately,as I'm sure and interview will convince you I'm the man for the job.倘贵公司有兴趣,请即告知,敝人深信与您面谈可以使您相信,敝人适合担任此职。

(b)改写后:May Ihave an interview?You can reach me by telephone at Taipei 884525 between the hours of 5:30-9: evening.可否赐予面谈?您可在每天上午七至九时,下午五时半至九时电884525号。

3、陈腐的句子:Hoping you will give me an interview,I am…(我希望您惠予面谈)Anticipating afavorable decision,I wait your…(等候您的佳音)Trusting your reply will be satisfactory,I remain(静候满意的答复)

4、哀求式的句子,不够完整(漏掉面谈时间):Won't you please give me the chance to interview your?I can be reached by calling Kenmore 69781.恳请惠予面谈。请打电话K-69781

(b)改写后:May Ihave the opportunity to discuss this matter further with you?My telephone is Kenmore 69781.You can reach me between nine and five o'clock during the day.可否惠予面谈以便进一步商讨?我的电话是K-69781。我从上午九时到下午五时都可接通。

5、太过自信的句子:I am quite certain that an interview will substantiate my statements Between two and four every afternoon except Tuesday you can reach me by telephoning 731430.我深信面谈可以证实我的话。您可在每天下午二至四时(星期二例外)打731430号电话通知我。

6、较具体有效的句子。May Ihave an interview?My residence telephone is(042)4398.You reach me by calling that number until June 30.After July 2,my address will be Kent House,Bretton Woods,New Hampshire.可否惠予面谈?我住处电话为43981号。六月三十日以前我都在上址,七月二日以后,我的新址为新罕不夏州布列登林肯特屋。