1.Hello,this is Li Chunfei.I graduated from Xi'an siyuan University and majored in accounting.It's a pleasure to meet you.Be patient with me,I'm a little bit nervous.
2. I was once a poor student of English, and it was my biggest headache and trouble maker.
I got sick and tired of learning boring grammar rules and lifeless words. But through hard work
in practicing speaking English and breaking away from the traditional grammar games, I found myself a totally different and exciting new world.I'd like to
share my learning techniques with my students of future and be their friend.
3.Education has always been the most important thing in my life,and English is in my free/spare time.(English is my favorite subject.)So educating young people is
the most important thing I do with my life!Let's work together to lift the English education of China to a higher level.We can do it.
4.Thank you for your valuable time.