In the best of times responding to a job listing can feel like sending your resume out to sea in a bottle. But at least you received a call or an email acknowledgement. Now, with the volume of applicants higher than ever, you're more likely to hear nothing.


If there is a resounding silence from your queries, keep looking and networking. But you can also do some sleuthing to give you a better chance of standing out next time. Recruiters and career experts agree that, if you didn't get an interview or phone call -- or even a thank-you email -- it may be due to at least one of six reasons.


1. They're just not that into you.


You're good, but someone else more closely met the qualifications. In a tight job market employers can usually get exactly the type of candidate they want. A polite "thanks, but no thanks" letter or email would be nice. But don't expect it these days.


2. They may be into you, as soon as they get to you.


Companies receive so many submissions these days that they don't even have time to send out letters or confirmation emails. "I know a major software company that's taking more than three weeks just to send out acknowledgement notes, and some companies are spending months sifting through resumes for just one opening," workplace etiquette expert Sue Fox tells Yahoo! Hot Jobs.

如今,公司收到的简历都太多了,以致他们连回感谢信或确认信的时间都没有。职场礼仪专家Sue Fox tells说:"我认识的一家大型软件公司花了三个多星期的时间来发送确认信,而有些公司居然要因为一个招聘职位而花上月的时间来筛选简历。"

3. They would have been into you if you had followed directions.


"Many job listings use the word 'must,' not 'it would be nice to,'" according to Dave Opton, CEO and founder of ExecuNet. "If it says you must have experience in X, then tailor your resume to show that," Opton says.

按ExecuNet的建立者兼执行总裁Dave Opton的说法。"很多工作招聘中如果用到"必须""不行"这些词会好一些"。 他还说:"如果其中说明你必须要有X年的工作经验,那就在你的简历中将这点显示出来。"

If you're answering a job listing, be sure you respond in exactly the way the company wants. And be aware that if you're not applying for a specific job but rather sending out dozens or hundreds of form letters, your resume is likely to end up in companies' spam folders.


4. They might be into you if you apply for a more appropriate job.


Independent recruiter Cheryl Ferguson tells Yahoo! HotJobs that many job seekers are overqualified, under-qualified, or otherwise just wrong. "If we need to fill a specific job, and you're not right for it, don't assume that we're going to find the right fit for you. A lot of times people send me resumes, and I want to ask, 'Did you even read the job description?'"

独立招聘专家Cheryl Ferguson告诉我们很多的求职者资历过高或过低,有的甚至是完全不符合。"如果我们是要为一份特定的工作招聘一名员工,而你不合适的话,不要幻想我们会为你找到合适的职位。很多时候,我都想问问那些给我发简历的人,你是否读过我们的工作职位描述?"

5. Your presentation could use some work.


"A lot of mistakes I see are a lack of cover letter, and an objective statement on the resume that is all wrong for the job opening," says Lindsay Olson, partner and recruiter at Paradigm Staffing. "Even worse are obviously mass emails where the candidates had no clue what they were applying for."

Lindsay Olson 是Paradigm Staffing 公司的合伙人兼人力资源经理,他说:"我看过犯得最多的错误就是缺少求职信,以及在简历中有明显的叙述证明该求职者不适合此职位。更糟糕的是很多候选人根本不明白自己在应聘什么。"

6. There isn't any job.


Sometimes, due to last minute budget cuts, a position is eliminated before it's even filled. Other times, according to Olson, companies reel in resumes even when they know there isn't any opening. "Some companies want a big applicant pool because they think they may be hiring in the future," Olson said.

有时候,因为最后关头的消减了预算,在一个职位找到合格人员之前会取消该招聘。Olson 说:"而另一些时候,有些公司即使没有需要招聘的空缺职位也会打出招聘广告,因为他们认为自己在将来招聘的时候可以用得上这些简历。"



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