A handshake is more than just a greeting. It is also a message about your personality and confidence level. In business, a handshake is an important tool in making the right first impression.

While the art of handshaking does vary within cultures, in the United States the "rules" are pretty universal.

1.Begin With an Oral Introduction of Yourself
1. 以自我介绍为开始。

Before extending your hand, introduce yourself. Extending your hand should be part of an introduction, not a replacement for using your voice. Extending your hand without a voice greeting may make you appear nervous or overly aggressive.

2.Pump Your Hand Only 2-3 Times
2. 摆动2-3次就可以了。

A business handshake should be brief and to the point. Holding on for more than three or four seconds can make other people feel uncomfortable.

3.Shake From Your Elbow
3. 从手肘开始摆动。

4. Do Not Use a Forceful Grip
4. 用力不要过猛。

A handshake should be a friendly or respectful gesture, not a show of physical strength.

5.Avoid Offering a "Fish Hand"
5. 避免伸出"鱼手"。

A limp hand is never a good idea when it comes to a business handshake. Do return the grip, but do not get into a power struggle, even if the other person squeezes too hard.

6.Forget "Lady Fingers"
6. "夫人指"就算了。

Offering only your fingers to shake may be appropriate in some social settings, but in business settings you are an equal, not a "lady." Extend your entire hand, and be sure to grasp using your entire hand as well.

7.One Hand is Better than Two
7. 单手更有礼貌。

8.Shaking a Sweaty Hand
8. 满手大汗。

If you shake hands with someone who has sweaty palms, do not immediately wipe your hands on your clothing, handkerchief, or tissue. This will further embarrass the other person, who is probably already aware they have sweaty hands. You can discretely wipe them on something after you are out of site, and wash them later.

9.Ending a Handshake
9. 结束握手。

End the handshake after 3-4 seconds, or 2-3 pumps.

10.Covering Your Mistakes
10. 没“握对”的补救。

Even if you make a mistake, do not panic. There are many ways to save the moment. If you are worried that your handshake did not convey the right message about yourself, simply change the focus of the moment by offering a quick compliment or asking the other person a question.