Cubicle etiquette (or “cubiquette”) is a set of unwritten rules that exist in the workplace. Cubicle etiquette guidelines should be adhered to by both workers in the cubicle and people in adjoining work spaces. One of the main factors in cubicle etiquette is privacy.
“隔间礼仪”(cubicle etiquette 或cubiquette)是办公室里默认的一些规矩。这些规矩需要隔间里的工作人员和临近工作场所的人员共同遵守。“隔间礼仪”中主要的一条就是隐私。

Although employees are usually part of a larger workplace, they sometimes regard their cubicle as their own office. For all intents and purposes, the cubicle should be viewed as an individual’s office. When entering, do not just barge in and begin talking; the employee may be concentrating on something important. Stand at the entrance to the cubicle and make your presence known until the worker is able to talk.

Privacy should also take noise levels into account. The rules of cubicle etiquette exist in order to make the workplace a harmonious place. While talking on the phone, keep conversation volume to a normal level. No one likes to hear constant chattering or high pitched laughing.

Confidentiality should also be taken into account as part of cubicle etiquette. Thin cubicle walls will not prevent people from hearing client discussions. This should be remembered when talking on the phone or discussing confidential client information in person.

Keeping a cubicle clean and tidy is another facet of cubicle etiquette. A disorganized cubicle can reflect poorly on the employee’s level of professionalism.